10 benefits of a sound sleep


A good nights sleep can do wonders for your health. Find out how-

  1. Weight management- Incomplete or lack of sound sleep slows down the metabolism and adds weight to your bosy. Sound sleep helps in keeping unnecessary weight gain at bay.
  2. Better concentration- Sound sleep makes the mind fresh and relaxed thus improving its concentration and focus
  3. Improve memory- Sleep helps the mind to recollect and sharpen its memories and experiences. The mind cannot do this when it is awake as it is busy with many other activities.
  4. Improves feeling of well being- Sleep keeps the mind and body relaxed and calm. This adds to the overall feeling of well being.
  5. Improves creativity- People who sleep well tend to be more clearer in thought and are far more creative as the mind is completely rested and ready for work after losing all the fatigue of the day before.
  6. Healthier skin- Sleep deprevation is seen on the skin in the form of under eye dark circles, acne, etc. Sound sleep helps in keeping the skin healthy and makes a person look healthy.
  7. Adds time to life- The body does a lot of damage repair and rejuveantion work when it is offline during the sleep hours. So if you are sleeping right the body gets adequate time to not only rest the vital organs but also work on repairs and maintenance.
  8. Improves immunity- Lack of sleep weakens the immune system and lowers the bodies chances of being disease free. Soud sleep helps in strengthening the immune system and helps the body fight disease better.
  9. Stronger body- The muscles of the body undergo rest and repair work during sleep. So if you are sleeping enough it is lokely that your are getting stronger.
  10. Fight stress- Sleep is the much needed rest for the body and the mind. This is very essential as the body and the mind go through a lot of stress during the day. So if they get the right amount of rest they will be better equipped to fight stress the next day.