A Journey That’ll Transform You – Chuck Hoarding Mentality


This post comes without a backdrop; straight to the point, shares a view and closes. The topic is stop buying or accumulating stuff for the sake of possessing; make this world a little lighter planet! Our objective would be achieved if we can convince our readers to take this no-buying journey for a week, ten days, a month and share their experiences with other readers!

If you visit classifieds page of any newspaper or sites that sell used or pre-owned stuff online (if you haven’t already!) you will get an idea about the volume of items that people first accumulate, don’t use and then are looking for ways to toss or get rid of for their own reasons. Clothes, toys, electronic, household, baby care items, some really bizarre items too… and so on.   On the other hand, the same things are being produced and manufactured to be sold afresh. The world already has too much… let’s not stuff it with more.

We accumulate because we tend to do impulse buying. We buy stuff, it remains unused for months, years, and eventually it reaches these online buy `n’ sell stores’ classifieds sections. Don’t you read phrases like never used, never opened, original packing etc? It proves people buy things that they don’t need but do it out of sheer urge, what a brain wave it must be.

We also need to shift our mentality a bit in this regard. Let’s accept that using pre-owned or used item is not middle class or something done by the lower rung of the society. Please! It is perfectly okay to buy used stuff, if such items meet your needs. Why visit a store each time you need something; for all you know someone in the family or neighbourhood may be trying to get rid of the thing you want to buy.

Learn to visit thrift stores OR learn to do with less. Inculcate one of the two habits for environment’s sake. When you learn to pick-up used stuff, it pinches your pocket less and is sure to make a different to your bank balance over time.

It makes me feel better when I buy used stuff from real people instead of new ones from web stores or ecommerce sites. When we are buying from a person, directly, one-to-one, it relieves me to know that someone like you and me is at the other end, trying to sell it. Instead of paying a branded store I’d rather pay to the person who has used it sparingly and is ready to give it away at a discounted price. This is my own win-win-happy-happy situation.

I have also realised when I went on my own fortnight-no-buying spree that there is nothing we can’t do without. Try it yourself to know what I am saying. It will work! People like me who’ve gone on time bound no-buying-sprees vouch for it. The most urgent sounding needs are never as urgent. You will find an option that works equally well and doesn’t disturb anything; not inner peace, not self esteem, not health! Everything is smooth, as it is. Pocket feels heavy, mother earth will eventually feel lighter and less burdened if more people understand it!