2016- Resolve to Change for the Better


If you don’t like the surroundings you’re in; e.g. the kind of people you’re mingling with, your work, your home, your routines, etc. and if all this reflects negatively in your actions, reactions, and life on the whole, remember that YOU are responsible for the way life has turned out for you. It is because YOU have attracted these energies to yourself that you are living  such a life.

If you want to change the quality of your life, change your surroundings. But before you are able to change your surroundings for the better, you will have to accept the fact that it is there and it is your doing. As long as you stay in the denial mode, you won’t be able to change much. Superficially things might seem to work but it will all come back to the drab you were always in.

So step one is to accept that there is scope for improvement and infusing happiness in your life is a possibility. Step two that really worked for me is to create an image in your mind of whatever you see as ideal surroundings with you a part of it. When you collect the energies at subconscious level and use them to create new surroundings, you are preparing your mind to create a new life for you.

It could start with body language or even something smaller than that. If you speak too loudly, create an image of yourself where you are speaking softly, in low voice….do it a few times and gradually this new program will eclipse the old habit. Because of this change in your nature, new people you come across will perceive you differently; people who’ve known you will notice this change and some of them may even complement you for it; these new experiences will boost your confidence and this positive energy will flow in many aspects of your life.

If one simple effort can have such long and positive chain reaction, imagine when you decide to change your mediocre surroundings how it will raise you from mediocrity to a new and higher level of life.

When you envision the changed surroundings you wish to see in your new life, you will be required to work on different aspects of things that will create the big change; and all the actions you plan to incorporate, you’ll need to do with a lot of conviction and belief in it. Changes implemented with love and belief in your personality or surroundings will bring a permanent improvement in the quality of your life.

Make sure when you’re following it there is not slightest of negativity or resistance to create this change. Because if you resist, and continue to do it, it becomes an exercise or a workshop you’re doing halfheartedly. It won’t work. Love and enjoy every moment of this phase. Be convinced and have faith that if you’re involved at subconscious level, you’ll create changes in your surroundings that’ll attract right people, right energies, and success in the right sense.

For now, just close your eyes, envision a surrounding that appeals to your…and brings you peace and all that will need to change in order to change the big picture and then think of all the changes that will have to happen, in small steps…. If you can visualize this, get on the train! It’s time to change your life and make 2016 a significant year of your life!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and more meaningful twenty sixteen!