5 lifestyle changes for feeling great!!


Simple changes can add a lot of value, health and happiness in your life. Read on-

  1. Get up early-  Ayurveda states that getting up early improves circulation, digestion and mental functioning. The early morning is also a good time for doing meditation as the mind is fresh and ready
  2. Eat right- A diet plan that suits your body constitution, provides required nutrients and does not have any harmful chemical laden and preservative heavy foods can do wonders to your health. Bonus would be to have organically grown produce which adds that much more value to your health. A vegetarian diet is also a healthy choice as plant based foods are rich in nutrition, contain lots of fiber and are fat and cholesterol free. Such a diet will help you fight many diseases and create a healthy body and mind.
  3. Regular Exercise. Exercise is a great stress buster, improves digestion, builds muscles and keeps you fit and healthy. Regular exercise can make sure that you stay healthy and ready for life. If you cannot go to the gym everyday, find an activity that gives you at least an hours rigorous exercise or play a sport.
  4. Addiction free- Addictions not only add unnecessary toxic chemical agents to your metabolism but cause serious damage to vital organs like lungs ,heart, kidneys, etc. Addictions also cost the body many needed nutrients like calcium, iron, etc which are required for daily body functioning. Prolonged use of addictive substances also is known to cause serious psychological damage. Keeping of addictions will most definitely guarantee a healthy body and mind.
  5. Get enough sleep- The body’s bio clock is set to the rhythms of nature. Our body slows down after sunset and is ready for life  before sunrise as in most other species. If you tend to be a late sleeper, know that your body is already ready to retire for the day. Any activity after this is pushing your body to the limits and stretching its boundaries unnecessarily. So late night snacking, work, etc is punishing your body. It needs at least eight hours of sound sleep to restore all its capacity. So early to bed is a very good option.