5 simple tips to get rid of excess skin tanning


Suntan in the summer months is a common complaint, tough to fight that also sometimes leaves scars. Tan is our skin’s first weapon to protect itself from harmful rays of sun. Exposure to sun leads to different kinds of problem for different people based on different skin types, age etc. While some of us suffer darkening of skin, and pigmentation, others develop flaky skin, uneven dark patches etc. The harmful UV rays and carbon don’t just discolor the skin and leave it looking dull, but also impacts skin-health inside out. This leads to dry skin, wrinkles, and in extreme cases even skin cancer.

Here are some quick and effective remedies to treat sun tan at home.  Almost all ingredients used below are mostly available at home. It’s any day better to use these natural products instead of creams, lotions, chemical or laser based products as there are no side effects causing any kind of harm. Eat well, take care of yourself, and live healthy.

Scrub & Exfoliate: Scrubbing is easy, can be done at home, and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, plus it’s effective. Scrubbing exfoliates skin and brings glow. Mix gram flour and water/milk to make a paste. Apply on face and neck rubbing it gently in circular motion; leave it on up to 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

You can apply cream of milk cream on your face and leave it overnight, wash it in the morning. It’s an effective way to rejuvenate and moisturize dry lifeless skin. Cream helps to remove carbonic particles and makes skin lighter. You can do this every day as it does not have any side effects but pimples may appear if skin is normal and too much oil is fed to it.

Mix Juices: Mix orange juice, water and cucumber juice to apply on your face and neck like a mask. The citric content of orange juice and the cooling effect of the cucumber juice also help to remove tan. Lemon and cucumber juice also give same results.

Cucumber gel is available in the market which removes suntan. Mix it with cream and a pinch of turmeric power and apply it on face, neck, hands. Leave it for 20 minutes or more and wash in cold running water.

Buttermilk and Oatmeal: Amongst the best and most effective face packs in the world, are those containing oatmeal. Oatmeal is known for its natural and lasting results. Take a tablespoon of buttermilk and add ground oatmeal to it to make a paste that can be easily applied on your face and neck. This face pack removes the epidermis and the buttermilk makes your skin softer.

Silky Smooth Skin Using Oatmeal: For silky smooth skin also try the following routine for a few times twice a week to experience the real results. Make a past with oatmeal, yogurt, tomato juice, and orange juice and apply it on your face and neck.  Allow it rest for 20-30 minutes. Then wash with cold water and dab dry and gently apply moisturizer in damp skin.