10 Changes To Alter Your Life In 10 Minutes


10 Minutes of Morning Mediation: Start Your Day With 10 Minutes of Mediation. You don’t need a yoga instructor to convince you that meditating for ten minutes in the morning will set the tone for the day and help you lead a better quality of life.

Be a Smart Cook: Learn to cook with pro Blood Pressure ingredients & spices. Use herbs and spices that help to keep your blood pressure in check. Make your own salad dressing using the right ingredients instead of buying bottled stuff with preservatives. There are many herbs that you can use every day in your cooking. Similarly reduce your intake of sugar and salt.

Do At Least 10 Minutes of Sun Salutations Every Morning: Surya Namaskar or sun salutation every is the best way to stretch your body, loosen yourself, keep weight in check and a hundred other benefits. If you’re doing it at sunrise you get vitamin D and direct energy from the sun, which can do wonders to the way you lead your day.

Try Sky Gazing Meditation: It’s Tibetan way to meditate and especially works for those who suffer from anxiety disorder.  The procedure is very easy, but it takes sincere practice to derive benefits. Just stand in front of the window and gaze at the sky and its expanse and chant or create sound of aaah in the mind. Do this a few times, it is known to reduce anxiety.

Listen to Calming Music for 10 Minutes:  Our internal rhythm is programmed to sync with the outer rhythm.  Just like aggressive environment triggers aggressive behaviour and reaction; sitting by the sea or being amid tea gardens relaxes us internally and slows down our heart rate and breathing, similarly  calming music reduces stress and improves our wellbeing.

Learn Self Acupressure: Learning and practicing a few acupressure techniques will do you a great deal of good in the long run. You can also do it on others to relax them once you know how to do it right. The feeling of having helped and made a difference in someone’s life also makes a difference.  There are acupressure points on face and other parts of body which you should learn to press correctly; while some will offer instant relief from headache and stress, some also make your face glow.

Try Ready to Cook Oats: Organic whole grain oats will make for a healthy filling meal. Plus the organic quality keeps pesticides at bay. It barely takes ten minutes to cook it and offers so much health in return.

Brush Your Body: Use dry brush to brush your entire body for ten minutes every day before bath every day. It is supposed to have many benefits. It improves blood circulation and adds glow to the skin. It should start from bottom, i.e. from toes upwards, in small upward direction, towards your heart. Each stroke should last 2-3 seconds.

Have Coffee: It keeps depression and dementia at bay amongst women. Mold-free coffee with butter and coconut oil reduces cravings for next 4-6 hours.

Sit Straight: It will take you ten minutes of practice and few reminders for a few days to get into the habit of sitting up straight. When you sit in the right posture, it improves your energizing hormones, feel-good serotonin; and reduces stress hormone Cortisol.  Take professional help to set your posture right, if need be, but it’s important to work on it for health reasons.