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Vishwa Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization working to create socially committed, environmentally aware, and spiritually awakened global citizens; and a stress free, healthy society.

Vishwa is a Sanskrit word meaning the world- OUR WORLD.

While Vishwa envisions empowering the society to evolve to a higher state of being, we believe our job starts at grass root level. . Vishwa is associated with many public welfare projects on a world platform. The main objective of Vishwa is to enhance quality of life on the planet by using a holistic approach and creating an equilibrium with nature.



All our holistic lifestyle solutions are based on the timeless wisdom as taught by our Guru Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj (referred to as Shree), a Divine Yogi, who belonged to the 150 year old lineage of Masters belonging to the tradition of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot, India.

He revived the practise of Agnihotra in modern times from the monastery in Akalkot. His teachings, the Panch Sadhan Marga (PSM) or the Five Fold Path, are a gist of timeless wisdom and the teachings of the Lineage. It is a philosophy that lays a very strong emphasis in creating harmony with nature to create a harmony between our body, mind and soul and find health, peace and happiness.


They have so far been applied to various aspects of life like spirituality, medicine, agriculture, education, architecture, etc and have shown amazing results.

With repository of information from such venerable source, our focus is on developing Vishwa Foundation as global healing destination and a learning hub.

shivpuri-1Shivpuri, Vishwa Foundation’s multifaceted International center, established in the year 1953, is a Vedic Eco community and showcases the application of the PSM, through various projects and initiatives. It is spread over 150 acres of themed gardens, organic farms and Ayurvedic plantations.


About the website-

Vishwa Foundation, since its inception, has been a premier organisation, promoting holistic lifestyle solutions in sectors like self healing, stress relief, environment, organic farming, agro businesses, education, physical and emotional grooming of children, parenting, social reforms through promotion of rural art, encouraging eco friendly technologies and businesses, women’s empowerment through supporting cottage industry, providing a world platform for self help groups, etc through seminars, conferences, workshops and retreats. We have done major events which have been attended by more than half a million people so far.

Now through the website, we want to expand our horizons and provide the same world class Vishwa services to a far larger global audience.

We’ve been transforming the storehouse of information along with all the solutions our experts have developed into formats like articles, eBooks, health guides, e courses, videos, smart phone apps,  webinars,  campaigns, challenges, newsletters, etc that are easy on the eyes and minds of our visitors looking for health related information and solutions. By sharing the knowledge, we want to help you to create a radiant life for yourself, as we get close to achieving our dream of creating a radiant society.

Dr. Purushottam, M.D.,  Grandson of Shree and Director of Vishwa, with our team of holistic experts, have developed all the conetent on our website to enable you, the user, to heal yourselves, find long term health, fight stress better, fulfill your goals, stretch your boundaries, find your true potential and achieve excellence to create the life of your dreams.

How to use the website-

What’s unique at Vishwa is that we offer three dimensional solutions for each condition-

(i) Basic learning through eBooks- Our self help eBooks are most unique as they give the reader a easy to use DIY solution.

(ii) Online Consultation- for a more personalized advise, get in touch with us. So if you are looking for a health consultation or looking at getting a personalized diet and exercise plan, this is the place.

(iii) Residential Retreat for more intense learning and healing.

Come, join us on the path towards the next evolution and help us make this world a radiant place!

To know about any of our wellness retreats Write to us. To discuss your health problems and treatments, visit Online Clinic.