Veda Agnihotra Center ( VAC )

This is our gift shop and utilities store. The VAC is housed in a 1500 sq ft building near the front gate. The building has a very elegant glass facade which looks beautiful with lights at night. VAC sells Agnihotra equipment, Yoga Mats, Ayurvedic and Aromatic Products like Incense, etc made in various projects of Shivpuri Ashram.VAC also has for sale a lot of eco-friendly and natural products from the exhibitors in our annual show and also merchandise from the various Charity Initiatives run by Vishwa. It provides a year round sale and display for their products.


Eco Farms & Themed Gardens

As we walk you through our eco-farms & gardens spread across 80 acres, you’ll see some plantations, as old as 1950s like Rudraksh. We’ll take you through our themed gardens like Ayurveda, Yagnya, Tulsi, Mango, and Landscape Gardens, and show you some rare varieties of herbs, fruits, and flowers preserved over the years.

Shivpuri greens are nurtured through Agnihotra Farming Method. You may also see farmers & researchers studying Agnihotra Farming while you’re passing by.


Cow Rearing ( Gou-Shaala ) :

Is one of the oldest traditions at Shivpuri and happens to be a great guest attraction. From our cow rearing methods, their fodder, sheds for cows and calves, maintaining hygiene, manure, milking, milk distribution, milk products…everything fascinates them.


This is a one stop contact point for all your requirements during your stay. The reception office has an information desk, a travel desk, a communication desk and Wi Fi internet facility.

The nearest ATM is 3 kms away.


In your spare time you may visit our library, the Bhargava Vedic Library, that stocks more than 20,000 books on subjects as varied as Ayurved to Arts.

Gulmohar Cafe

This is a cozy place situated amidst the greens; tables under the trees. It serves light snacks and beverages.