Welcome to Vishwa Foundation

Find the path of Peace, Health and Happiness…

Vishwa Foundation is a globally renowned, non-profit charitable organization working to create a stress free and healthy society.  It is also associated with various public welfare projects on a world platform with an objective of creating equilibrium with nature and enhancing quality of human life.

Vishwa is a Sanskrit word meaning the world- OUR WORLD.

By blending ancient wisdom with modern scientific knowledge, we want to  inculcate positive & sustainable changes and create a healthier and stress free world.

Our  multifaceted center, Shivpuri, is located in the serene and picturesque precincts, at Akkalkot, India.

Our services, based on ancient wisdom and natural healing sciences, help you to access your true potential, stretch your boundaries and find happiness within. We have centers in India, USA, South East Asia and Europe.

Dr. Purushottam and our team of Ayurveda experts, have developed a range of holistic residential retreats and health programs which help to treat various physical and emotional disorders and help you lead a radiant life.

Vishwa Foundation, through its various initiatives, has transformed thousands of individuals across the world to become elevated individuals, who are socially committed, environmentally aware, and spiritually awakened citizens.

Our organisation has had a long tradition of carrying out various charitable initiatives in many locations worldwide. While our objective is to empower the society we live in on to a more elevated level, our foundation is involved in serving people at grass root level and improving their lives. Vishwa stresses that service (seva) should be an inevitable part when one is on a journey to discover inner peace and happiness.

Vishwa constantly urges people to join us in our mission to bring peace to our surroundings and heal those in distress.

Join us to create a life filled with happiness, peace, health and harmony!!

Past 6 Years’ Work Details
Vishwa Atma Spandan Vishwa has performed healing events in 15 different Cities
Vishwa Wellness Over 1,50,000 people have transformed their lives through our consultations and healing retreats
Free of cost Food facility More than 2.5 Million people have been served Prasadam/ meals
Medical Aid Over 1,50,000 people have benefited through this effort
Education Facility Educational opportunity is provided to 15000 students in a calendar year
Go-Shala/ Cow farms Vishwa takes care of 100 cows in Shivpuri Goshala (Cow Farm)
Environment Protection Vishwa has planted more than 11,50,000 Trees so far worldwide


Our Sister Concerns-

  • Shivkshetram Nyas, Shivpuri
  • Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences, Shivpuri
  • Sati Chimamata Annapurna Seva Samiti, Shivpuri
  • Shree Swami Samarth Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akkalkot
  • Dharmatma Tatyaji Maharaj Memorial Medical Relief Trust, Shivpuri
  • Shree Swami Samartha Chinmay Paduka Math (Ballappa Math) Guru Mandir

To know about any of our spiritual retreats, Ayurvedic wellness centers, etc write to us. To discuss your health problems and treatments, visit Online Clinic