Add THESE ingredients To Your Salads To Lift Your Mood!

Perfect vegetarian fresh seasonal salad on wooden table

Studies have shown that around 20 per cent people experience depression at some point in their lives; women being more prone to it than men. Lifestyles issues of the young and adults make for number one factor leading t depression. Senior citizens are also known to suffer from depression which could be attributed to many factors including their declining health, mourning loss of their close ones like spouse or sibling, and loneliness in general.

Consider this – Most things that happen in our day to day life are a result of chain reaction. And if we take a closer look at where it starts (nearly….) we may be able to change many outcomes for the better. For example, good diet makes happy individuals. And happy individuals create happy environment. Happy spaces are about stress free, positive surroundings which nurture kids and adults well alike.

When one lives in a positive and healthy environment one has better chances of leading a personally happy and professionally successful life, and of course sprinkling and spreading the same happiness wherever she or he goes. In  way somewhere it all starts with a mediocre or good diet?

Of course there may be many other causes and factors existing on the side; but the ultimate fact is that majority of these can be cultivated over time, if you learn to focus and give it a good shot.

We will focus on how many ingredients in Salad can lift your mood. Let’s see how you can make your salad  more beneficial by adding some specific ingredients. Banana (raita), Tomatoes, Blueberries, Yogurt, Honey, Spinach, Quinoa, Beetroot, Avocado, Citrus Fruit, Asparagus, Black Beans, Sweet Potato, Almond, Lentil, Kale, Corn etc are some of them.

Eating salads with one or more of the above ingredients is known to ward off depression. Don’t expect results overnight. Make salad part of your daily meal to see the overall improvement in your happiness scale. Not only do they steer you clear of bad moods, but also help to kick start the remaining part of your day well. Salads keep your physical health in check, help in digestion, eat in moderation etc. For instance studies show that eating tomatoes a few times a week will bring down your chances of suffering from depression to 50% amongst other health benefits is offers.

Some people tend to experience low moods in the peak of the winters, for them sprouted mung is the answer that will work like magic on their moods! Make moong sprout salad by adding oranges to it and a unique tasty salad is tossed before you even know it. Sprinkle some salt and chat (tangy powder) masala to make it better. Another way to making salad using sprouted moong salad is to add spring onions, tomatoes, celery stalks, or pomegranates to it.