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Agnihotra is a scientific fire meditation that spreads the light of positivity and healing for you and your family

Agnihotra  is the science of infusing nutritional and medicinal ingredients into the atmosphere through the agency of Fire element to create an environment conducive to healing and well being. Shree revived the practice of Agnihotra from Shivpuri. Agnihotra is a simple, easy to learn and perform Fire Meditation, than can be performed in our homes.

In order to get the healing effects and be in touch with universal energies on a day to day basis for one’s family and homes, Shree revived the ancient practice of Agnihotra. Through this practice, individual families can perform Agnihotra in their homes and lead a more fulfilling, healthy and spiritually inclined life.

The medicinal and nutritional energies emanating from Agnihotra heal everything that it touches.

Agnihotra or similar healing rituals called Bhaisaja Yajnya have been widely discussed in Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita as the concept of Devavyapashraya Chikitsa (Healing without internal medicines) and Satvavajaya Chikitsa (Healing of the Mind). It has also been hailed as a first choice of therapy for many disorders by Ayurveda where the medicinal herbs are offered into the fire with rhythmic chanting of healing Mantra’s creating a psychosomatic healing effect. The medicinal active ingredient in the herbs is transformed from a complex state to simpler molecular state due to combustion, making it easy to be absorbed into the body. The medicinal effects of various ingredients used in Agnihotra are known worldwide. Also the benefits of the sound vibrations emanating from chanting of the mantras on body and mind have been documented.

Shree referred to this as Fire Therapy- healing through fire.

In many temples across India, it is a common practice to use smoke of Dashanga Dhoop or a mixture of medicinal and aromatic powders for creating a healing environment where mind can find peace and harmony. A similar practice has also been witnessed in many cultures around the world where Incense is used to create a similar effct.

What Are The Benefits of Agnihotra:

Prana-Life Energy gets contaminated due to the life processes of all the species and also due to natural global energy shifts. When the contaminated Prana enters the human body through air, food or water it leads to changes in the metabolic processes, impacts the mind and leads to a breakdown in the psychosomatic health. This causes an increase in negativity- Tama Guna and reduces positivity- Sattva Guna in the mind, causing emotional distress and physical illnesses.  Agnihotra cleanses the Prana, removes the negativity and increases positivity and Sattva.

You will experience that when the Prana heals and soothes the mind it will enhance its capacities that lead to Saumanasya – i.e. tranquility of the mind and physical well being. When you practice Agnihotra you’ll notice that the effect extends even to the plant and animal life around.

The benefits of Agnihotra are confirmed by scientific evidences in our ancient scriptures as well as by the researchers and scientists worldwide.

In a research study, it was found out that people living in a place where the healing cycle of Agnihotra was followed, their general health was better than of those who lived in places where such healing cycles were absent. People who perform Agnihotra regularly have been seen to have a drop in problems like hypertension, high pulse rate, high sugar levels, etc.

Agnihotra performed or taught at the Vishwa Foundation is in its purest form. It has proved to be so beneficial for people, that they practice it independent of other practices and are reaping great rewards out of it. Anybody can learn Agnihotra and there are no restrictions whatsoever.

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