Are Positive Emotions & Good Health Linked?

Portrait of a pretty young blonde woman crying while holding a tissue

Enough has been said about embracing good habits like exercising, eating balanced diet, getting a good night’s sleep and kicking bad habits. But nothing is easy as it is made to sound. Bad habits whether they’re smoking or constantly worrying…aren’t the things you can change overnight by switching off. What’s really required to change is training your mind to feel positive, emotionally fulfilled to lead a wholesome and happy life. Scientists and researchers at world’s leading institutes have been trying to find the link between positive temperament and good health.

The good & bad news is that they’ve found evidences that show that negative emotions do cause harm to our body. Nonstop stress or living in constant fear creates hurdles in our biological systems and when such feelings persist for an extended period of time, they lead to stroke, diabetes, etc, some of which if allowed to go unnoticed could be fatal.

Scientists have found enough evidences that point towards this – if negativity has reached a stage where it comes out in the form of anxiety or anger at the slightest trigger, it is likely to interrupt your cardiac performance as these emotions affect one’s heart’s electrical stability, cause heartburn, and accelerate atherosclerosis.

Researchers have also studied impact of negative emotions amongst children who’re exposed to it from an early age and parents have neglected to look into how the poor environment may affect their psyche, erupting in the form of physical illness in future. Situations like chronic neglect, seeing violence at home, living alone with parent victim of mental illness; these situations cause harm to the brain and other organ systems. These lead to faster triggers & heart rate, blood pressure complaints, and over activated stress hormones.

On the other hand living in an environment of hope, with good support system comprising family and friends, enthusiasm, engaging in positive, rewarding, and interesting activities in day to day life improves our ability to face crises life throws at us without disrupting the emotional balance. This reduces the chances of coronary heart diseases to a large extent. People who live in positive conditions know how to bounce back after facing stressful challenges and in knowing that things will look up again.

Kids below seven who’ve been raised in a positive environment and taught to focus on tasks at hand stand a better chance of leading healthier lives in their later years. Having said that, there is also enough proof to show that one inherits a set of qualities from parents by birth;  both positive and negative. For kids whose chances of being born with negative qualities are high, there is good news.

That poor mental health one may be born with can be altered to an extent by instilling emotional and social competence in children. In this parents, teachers, paediatricians, sports coaches, school counsellors, mental health professionals, and policy makers have to work together. And why just in kinds, the qualities adversely affecting one’s life and health can also be altered in adulthood, if adults are willing to accept and change for the better.

So the secret is to believe in the fact that things can change if you are willing to change your temperament and that it is possible to train your mind to get closer to experiencing joys and happiness and thereby make way for healthy, long life.