Aromatic plants you can grow in pots in your balcony garden


Jasmine:  The most unique and wonderful thing about jasmine is that the flower blooms at night and releases its pleasant scent throughout the garden. It is a convenient plat to pot in most apartments and it will grow even if it receives bright light through a nearby window.

Herb Rosemary: This fragrant plant can be grown in earthen or other containers easily and flowers in the spring and summer. Flowers are a bunch of purples that draw bees and other pollinators to the garden, adding an aura to your balcony. And it’s going to be nice to just watch the scene, as it is bound to do well for your inside too. Aromatherapy and you didn’t even realize it; forget paying a hefty price for it! Third use, Rosemary is used in cooking. It has a strong flavor that works well with potatoes.

Mint: Growing mint is so easy, and takes little nurturing but watering everyday and a sunny balcony. It spreads so keep the container broad. The leaves smell so refreshing; just crush one between your fingers and smell to experience the feeling. It reaches inside your mind, giving you a feeling or soothe and relaxation. Fresh leaves can be used to top salad or fruits; it can be added while making salad dressing, in fresh lime and other squashes, some people also like mint flavored tea. Mint leaves can be dried and packed in airtight containers to be used later to make tea. Mint powder is supposed to help with stomach problems and other health issues.

Lemon Grass: Easy to grow, grows long (as the name suggests) and fast and easily. Tea made in lemon grass as a flavor or with some tea leaves makes for an excellent and refreshing drink. Again, crush it between palms or fingers and see what the smell does to you!

I have a series of these pots lined up in my kitchen balcony. Mint, Lemon Grass, Basil (two types), and Ginger, I am trying to grow jasmine in my other balcony now. Smell really works for me, more than any medicine, massage, or facial when I am feeling anxious or down. Many smells give me nostalgia; typical smells in restaurant, perfumes, and the memory of the nice smelling, well arranged cupboards of my aunts. All these are nourishing for my soul.

Of course, there is nothing like going for a long brisk walk which solves all my mind related problems after a day at work or otherwise and when I come back, crushing and smelling one of these leaves totally settles me down. Then my mind becomes clear for positive uplifting thoughts! I also like to start my day with these smells, smelling something so fresh amongst the first things in the morning!

Never stop trying small little positive things to change the way you live. It will make a lot of difference in the long run.

Will come with more tips in days to come! Do drop by!!