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Vishwa Foundation offers Ayurvedic and spiritual solutions for people who need help and guidance to resolve body, mind, or spiritual issues.
You are free to ask any question about your health OR our retreat and treatment centers or anything else you may want to know with regard to the services we offer. We will ensure that we address your issue and resolve your doubts as quickly and simply as we can.
When you write to us to seek medical advice for you problem, our Ayurveda experts will study your case and recommend solution. If for any reason it is not possible to help online, they may ask you to visit the Ashram/center. If you need spiritual guidance, the mentors will guide you. However you need to clearly convey your problems.
Vishwa Foundation spreads teachings and philosophy of the divine incarnation, Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Lineage of Akkalkot, as were revealed by Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj.
The Guru’s are an ever & over flowing stream of compassion who adorn human garb to bless those who come in contact with them or whose lives they touch.
The most important objective of Vishwa Foundation is to spread the message that each one of us is endowed with the ability to become one with the Divine, and enjoy the state of permanent bliss while performing and excelling in his worldly duties. And it’s our constant en devour to make our disciples understand and follow it.
Besides, spiritual healing courses we also offer Ayurveda based lifestyle solutions and workshops to improve your physical health, and help you maintain spiritual and karmic wellness.
Our devotees from across the world send us donations that help us to carry out the social service. By the divine grace of Shree, none of the initiatives we have taken up (in the field of health, education, employment, etc) have ever had to be withdrawn or stopped for lack of funds. Such is the glory and blessings of our Gurus.