Avoid Falling Prey to Work, Internet, Shopping, or Substance ADDICTION

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When discussion about addiction crops up most of us are able to relate to just a few types of addictions, like drug, alcohol etc. However of late we’ve woken up to and have accepted gambling or use of several substances as an addiction.  But we are still not completely aware. Not many of us yet realize that work, surfing the net without purpose, shopping, binge eating  are also addictions which can throw our lives out of balance. These addictions don’t sound like one in the beginning is the worst thing about them and hence they make way so slowly into our lives paralyzing the whole lifestyle that we don’t even realize until it is way too late.

The main reason we do not take note of it in the beginning is because it doesn’t have the usual symptoms that we associate with regular addictions. Life of the victim seems to be on track. It doesn’t cause any disturbance to others, doesn’t create socially embarrassing situations, and so on. It grows in the quiet.

We indulge in a hundred types of activities through a regular day; like eating, drinking, cleaning, working, meeting friends, looking after kids, etc. Addiction simply means losing control over any the activities you perform in your day to day life.  When you continue to do it beyond moderation, so much so that it starts affecting other areas of your life, it becomes addiction and an alarm. Time for a U turn!  The longer you stay in it or allow it to grow, the deeper the roots will be and it will become that much more difficult to get out of it and start fresh routines.

You Have Work Addiction if: You go to office and work till late without eating, drinking, or taking short break as a routine. Some days are busier is understandable but if this happens every day, and you do not take days off, don’t take time out to spend with friends and family, just work, work, work, morning to night, when you meet friends once in a while you have no conversation to make, you feel physically exhausted and lose temper over menial issues…if any of this is happening to you or people around you, it is work addiction! It is as bad as any other addiction in terms of consequences and the final scars. You don’t take steps you will soon be a victim of poor life quality.

You are an Internet Addict if: You are on the net all day long doing nothing worthwhile and in this process crucial aspects of your life suffer. To go online for work or virtual socializing is normal but to stay beyond regular hours is not good for your health or family especially if it is purposeless. We don’t realize but most of us have this addiction to an extent. If we decide to take notice of how we squeeze time for going online even for a few minutes it will surprise us. Even if we have ten minutes to spare, we go for it. We don’t apply the same approach for many other chores or aspects of life.  Don’t let internet get better off your senses. It is a demon that works in quiet. Catch it before it takes control.

You are a Shopping Addict if: You shop unnecessarily, buy things you don’t need and then the piles of unused stuff make you guilty. Social pressure also plays a role in making us shopping addicts. Let us not give in to any pressure. And stay away from hording mentality as much as possible. Shop when you need. Don’t shop for hollow pleasures, because there is no stopping you. Habit of going to market everyday is where it all starts instead if you have time, make friends, join a community etc!

Alcohol & Drugs: We know about it enough.

Anything beyond moderation or done in access leads to abnormal consequences and whichever facet of our life they may affect, it finally affects our overall life quality.  So be wise and choose to live a balanced life!