Balance Your Energy With Yoga!

Three mature ladies doing yoga outdoors

According to Yoga various adverse health conditions attack us because we allow our energy levels go awry, that prompts all the scattered bad or disease causing organisms to come together, form a group, and attack our system. Hence it is of utmost importance that we make yogic practice part of our daily life, thus not allowing any short or long term illnesses to build.

Yoga looks at body at three levels; Food body, Mind body, & Energy body. We will discuss about all three to understand role of each to keep us in good health.

Food body is one which depletes when we don’t give it food, which is our physical body.

The next is mind body or mental body. A body that initially the modern doctors took no cognizance of, and related every disease at any stage to external factors and tried solving them at physical or external level. It was after years of research worldwide that they came to believe that mind also has a role to play in diseases we suffer from at physical level. They began to believe that what we think does manifest itself on our body by way of good or poor health depending on though process (positive or negative).

The third is energy body, the most important of all three and it’s the one that makes the two (i.e. physical body and mental body) function and flow in a certain way.

If what we eat for the wellbeing of our physical body gets absorbed, digested, and managed well by our energy body, we tend to feel healthy and energetic through the day. This also means that it is not about just the food we eat, but also about how our body uses that food to keep us healthy and energized that matters.

Same is the case with mental body. The modern life is full of stress, and it is not stress that kills us or becomes a cause of many health related problems and aggravations, it is how we are able to manage that stress which decides whether or not it will manifest on our body in some way. For example, overstressed life, if not managed well may lead to one developing blood pressure, which is an irreversible situation.

The point here is that there is third body, the energy body which controls food body and mind body. The better it controls fewer problems a human body will face. Failing which energy body loses balance and if not set right, it starts showing in the form of diseases- ranging from cough & cold to cancer! Cancer, indeed a dreaded disease starts at cell level which is allowed to worsen, sometimes for lack of care sometimes out of ignorance. So the secret to good health is keeping energy body under check.

Our energy body also needs managing and this can be best acheived through yoga and pranayaam. While yoga will keep all the internal parts running & functioning at their best, Pranayaam is a breathing exercise which ensures that breathing happens long and deep at equal intervals improving circulation of oxygen; ensuring oxygen reaches the deepest rooted cell. When every cell in our body receives the oxygen it requires it stays healthy, and automatically everything functions as required to keep our food and mind body working.