The effects and Benefits-




The hymn from the Atharvaveda says that the effect of the Agnihotra done at Sunrise will last till the evening and the effect of the Agnihotra done at the Sunset will last till the morning. The primary effect will be Saumanasya or tranquility of the mind. This state will be achieved by the positive effects of the Agnihotra on the Prana and the Mind.


Effects of Agnihotra on day to day life:

Helps improve concentration levels

Reduces Stress levels

Provides peace of mind

Improves motivational levels

Helps mould children’s mind in a positive manner

Bind’s the family together

Helps in De-Addiction

Improves immunity

Effective results found in Agriculture

Helps make the area free of disease causing organisms

Sets in motion a Healing Wheel, which heals the Nature


There is a hymn that lists the various effects of the Yajnya-


O Havya Vahan- (Agni- Fire), the carrier of offerings, on the performance of Yajnya, bestow me with-


  • Shraddha- Faith, an increase in the levels of faith or confidence in self and in the global consciousness
  • Medha- Intelligence, an increase in understanding of concepts
  • Yash- Success, possibility for success in both material and spiritual plane is high in a person with a calm and confident mind and a healthy body
  • Pradnya- Wisdom, comes easy to an awakened and open mind
  • Vidya- Knowledge, of various concepts can be gained by mind that is capable of understanding theories
  • Buddhi- Intellectual capacity, is heightened due to diminishing of the Ahankaara
  • Shree- Prosperity is possible due to a strong and healthy body and also due to a balanced nature cycle providing a bountiful harvest and abundance in natural resources like water, pure Prana, etc. Shree is also referred to as attainment of a union with the Divinity.
  • Bala- Strength, can be gained by the normal functioning of the metabolism of the body and mental strength can be gained by the increase in Sattva.
  • Ayushayam– Long life, is possible due to a strong mind and a healthy body
  • Teja- A glow of positivity is provided by the healing and curative effects of the Yajnya atmosphere on the mind, body and the soul.
  • Arogyam- Health is gained by the balance of Prana, Agni and Mind.


Thus it is said that Yajnya plays an important role in giving a feeling of happiness. It creates a state of the Mind that is open to further learning and understanding higher concepts.


That must have been the reason why Yajnya is placed as the first amongst the PSM. It enables a person to start the journey from ignorance to knowledge and from grief to bliss.