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Vishwa’s Aahar Dip is a program that resolves digestion related problems – small or big.

Food is the chief source of energy and provides vital nutrients and fuel to keep our internal systems running. The kind of food we eat also impacts our mind, and thinking. That’s why it is often said we are defined by what we eat.

Wrong food habits is one of the worst fall-outs of the this era that leads to the problems of digestion, because of which people constantly complain of ill health.

Indigestion is as big and harmful an issue as stress.. if not bigger. People suffering bad health have digestion to blame for it. It could be wrong food, wrong timing, wrong eating patterns, sedentary lifestyle, stress, watching too much television…are things that adversely impact the way we eat and digest our food.

If you are experiencing any of the above, you should be reading further.

We have designed a special program under Agniveda called Ahar Dip that helps to diagnose and control the problem at an early stage. In Ahar Dp we take the participants through various internal and external therapy sessions, giving them a diet regime and exercise routine to follow that enables them to restore a balance of body systems and experience good health like before.

Duration of this digestion program varies depending on the particular case and factors like her/his needs, condition, age, stage etc.



Ayurveda & Indigestion


We shall look at how Ayurveda looks at indigestion. According to Ayurveda there are 13 different types of Agni in the human body that keep us alive. The chief one is the Jathar-agni or the Agni located in the stomach region which digests the food and provides nourishment to the body. It is also known as life energy because without digestion and assimilation of food, the body can’t survive.

The malfunctioning of the Jatharagni is said to be the root cause of all diseases. If the Jatharagni is functioning smoothly, health is maintained and even a slight disturbance of this leads to disease. A low or heightened Jatharagni disturbs the balance of the Doshas and other body functions. The disease of the Jatharagni leads to malfunctioning of all the other systems as the nourishment they get is loaded with toxins.

That is the reason the diseases of the digestive tract need to be addressed before they acquire a serious state.


What Disturbs Digestion?


Today’s life style and the choices we make lead to a guaranteed disturbance of the Jatharagni. Add to this the toxin and chemical filled food that we consume considering to be healthy and the highly polluted environment and we have a very lethal cocktail of disease causing factors.

If you are suffering from problems related with indigestion, don’t take it lightly because if left unattended it can complicate issues and deteriorate your general health.

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