Drawbacks of Eating Leftovers & Refrigerated Foods

Leftover is easy to identify. It looks dull, dry, rough, hard, gross, and cloudy as compared to the freshly prepared food. The bad news is that people across the world are getting used to eating from the plastic boxes or cooking and refrigerating food and eating it for days. The number is increasing day after day and so are health issues.

Gardener planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil at back yard

Five Summer Home Gardening Tips For Balcony & Outdoor Plants & Pots

To be good gardener, you ought to understand the plants you grow. How they bloom, when they bloom, flower, and fruit; the kind of harvesting they need, exposing them to chemicals vs. nourishing them with organic manure, and so on and so forth. Little doubts that those who understand their gardens grow them the best!

Three mature ladies doing yoga outdoors

Shitali Pranayama – A Super Effective Yogic Breathing Technique for Summers

If you include and practice the right breathing and yoga poses in summers with Yoga or any other exercise routine that you follow, it is likely to keep you focused, healthy, active, and happy as the heat rises. Summer is a season that’s supposed to tire and drain you of energy. We’re listing some poses known for calming your nerves.


Why Meditation Doesn’t Work for Some?

Meditation WORKS is a proven fact! Not only those into Yoga will vouch for it but the whole world has come to accept it. Scientists, doctors, researchers, everyone is convinced about benefits of meditation. It is a highly recommended practice to improve the quality of your physical, emotional and spiritual life. And yet we have people around us who say it doesn’t work for them.

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How Spirituality Helps to Overcome Depression

Depression is a psychological problem that has engulfed nations. People of all ages across the world are affected by it. Reasons are diverse and peculiar. So peculiar, that sometimes one person’s problem is another person’s solution. Strange but true, there are reports that it is happening. And when it happens at this level, it is the hollowest,


Ayurveda Remedies for Depression

Depression has become a common emotional disorder in the world today. No nation is spared. People of all age groups are its victims of it, many a times the reasons are most trivial and silly.  Even primary school children are depressed, something unheard of till a few years ago.  We are going to discuss all aspects of Ayurveda like its causes symptoms and treatments.


How Stress Causes Headache & Meditation Brings Relief?

Headaches have engulfed entire nations. 90% of the headaches are caused due to stress is what scientists and researchers believe. Though factors like dehydration, accident, injury, illness etc. can’t be ruled out, the major culprit is stress. So to relieve headaches on a permanent basis, pain relievers is not an answer, we have to actually make the effort in the direction of relieving stress to uproot it from our system.


Ayurveda Home Remedy For Skin Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is a universal issue. It is not a disease but a condition. It can happen anywhere in the body. Skin pigmentation on face is a more commonly heard of problem because blemishes on face are easily visible and make a person conscious. Hyper pigmentation is caused because of excessive generation and accumulation of a pigment called the melanin on certain areas of your skin.

A women at the edge of the ocean doing yoga.

Spiritual Wellbeing = Inner Transformation = Fulfilling Life

Spirituality is for everyone. But it’s neither magic nor a pill. Nor is it meant to be practiced by select sect or people. Spirituality is for everyone to embrace irrespective of country, caste, and all. It is an experience wherein the more you practice, the more you gain; deeper the involvement, better the outcome. Spirituality enables you to see the logic beyond the obvious;