This is How Our Brain Reacts to Junk Food!


One packet of store bought chips can easily fail the sensation we get from home made chips where a lot of effort has gone in to save nutrients and is in reality a much healthier option. But it doesn’t stand any chance when it comes to chips packed in colorful airtight packets in all the different flavors. When it comes to home-made snacks you don’t want to eat the same thing tomorrow. But if it is about your favorite packet of store bought chips, you can eat it day after day after day. Isn’t it? Even though you know that it is junk, not good for health, filling you up with calories and all that, but somewhere your mind wants to believe that it is okay to finish one more jumbo packet because you hardly feel full. Oh! and we haven’t yet discussed how it melts in your mouth!

We don’t want to wake up to the fact that even though all this junk seems to melt in our mouth, gives us a sensation which homemade healthy snacks don’t, yet the fact is that it is not healthy food. Eventually, it will lead to weight gain, heart problems and more in the years to come.

Do you know why our brain releases all the positive signals after eating junk food? Well. the secret lies in the making of these junk foods where companies making these foods spend thousands of dollars on researching the best sensation that customer will experience. A sensation which will create a memory and that memory will make the consumer come back for more. They focus on creating a salivating experience for you with salt, sugar, tangy tastes, not trying to balance proteins, carbs and fats.

How to Overcome the Habit of Eating Junk Food:

Eat Less of Junk Food and You Will Crave For it Less: Let us discuss how we can conquer this battle and adopt healthy habits for our own sake. According to research the less junk you eat, the less is your craving.  The more you go for healthy food, the less you will want to eat junk…. this can’t happen overnight but gradually you will see yourself getting into the groove where you are making healthier food choices.

Don’t buy Junk, Processed Food: If you don’t have it at home in the fridge or snack cupboard you are not likely to go and buy it right then. This simply means if you don’t have it you won’t eat it. We are lazy, all of us, we will choose from the healthier options that are available. When you go grocery shopping limit your junk food shopping.  I often recommend going  grocery shopping with the stomach full.

Give Brain Healthy  Variety: We know how the brain is thrilled when it gets variety. So get it used to healthy varieties. After some time it will get used to healthy options. You were the one who pampered the brain with all the junk food tangy varieties, now adopt the same strategy and  set it right. Just like junk food leaves a memory and has you going back for more, healthy food will trigger the same reaction, albeit over time.

Avoid Eating When Stressed: It’s again a mind game. Instruct your mind to not crave food when you are under stress. Find ways to deal with it. Manipulate, make it understand, train, do what it takes but don’t allow yourself to gorge on food when you are tensed. You can’t afford it. As it is stress is causing an imbalance of hormones inside you, on the top of it, you are feeding yourself all the wrong foods. It is you who has to take control. Nobody will do it for you. So take the reins in your hand and do the right thing.