Change your life by changing your diet!

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Which of these feelings do you feel when you wake up in the morning; energized, fatigued, lucid, foggy, under the weather, tired, sleepy…? Well we know most of these can’t be placed in the good category; also let’s understand that these feelings are the result of choices we’ve made. But it can all change if we decide to change a few things in our routine.

For example by changing the food we eat and the way we eat, we can change many things. It can wake up our brain, improve our memory, be more productive, be healthy, do more hard work, not feel drained at the end of the day, and much more! Let’s understand how the food we eat, and air we breathe can impact our body and mind, and how it can optimize your health.

A diet can change your life, if you give attention to the kind of food you eat and understand and believe that it is within your control to feel good and lead a healthy life. You have to understand some fundamentals; like our body that includes our brain, is made of millions and trillions of cells, and by providing good nourishment to each and every cell it is possible to lead a long and healthy life.

Human body is by nature inflamed and not all inflammation is bad as some of us may like to believe. Some of that heat is energy which makes the world go round. What’s bad is the excess. The excess sets the process on reverse and starts harming the body instead of healing and helping it grow. The trick is to control excess inflammation where food can play a major role.

Then we have to ensure that we keep our body toxin free at all times. Again this we can do with the help of right food, in right quality at right time. Taking steps to flush out toxins should be part of our everyday routine.

The secret lies in balancing our diet. If you’re planning to create and follow a diet to set your hap hazard life in order, it is a good idea to seek advice of a professional. What should we eat will be depend on our age, gender, metabolism, health condition, lifestyle, etc and a good dietician will also guide us about exercise routine that we should follow at our age with our health and time limitation to gain optimum health from the food we eat. Eating healthy should not be made out into such a big deal. If we live healthy, we will die healthy, inflicting less pain and problems for ourselves and on those around us; less medical bills to pay, fewer mood swings and signs of senility.

It is also true that it is not so easy to eat right each time, we don’t have a choice. If we do not pay not when our bodies are healthy, we will pay it in the old age when we are frail and fragile, in mind and body. We’d rather cut down on other routines and make time for good eating and combining it with exercise now than having to make time and frequent appointments with doctors.

One of the leading Yoga gurus when asked if he was practicing yoga to improve the quality of his life, he promptly answered, “no, to improve the quality of my death”! An answer we should all ponder over!