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Exercise Related Truths No One Wants to Acknowledge

Everyone talks about losing weight & remaining fit. Everyone talks about which exercises to take up, which supplements to buy, timing, duration and so on and so forth. But these are not the basic points. The foundation on which exercise survives and pays off are really, really basic facts. We take them for granted and never soak it.

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Natural Sources Of Calcium To Aid In Your Exercise Regime!

Calcium is often associated with bone strength and our bones lose it as we age. Women tend to lose more calcium than men.  Fact that not many know is that we lose it even as we sleep.  Benefits of calcium go beyond bones. It helps your nerves and muscles; it helps your brain to communicate with rest of your body. 

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What to Eat During or After Cycling

We’ve already discussed about meals you should take before you set out to cycle. Whether you cycle as a part of life, i.e. for routine commuting, or as a form of exercise or you’re training for a marathon or race, eating forms an important part of the routine.  After all cycling needs immense amount of energy that you can only derive from food. 


Consequences of Weight Gain & Waist Gain in Your Mid 20s

Be it any age, gaining weight leads to medical issues sooner than later. And by the time we realise that weight gain is showing body has already taken to this tendency. It’s late already and we try put brakes and bring in control rules but there seems little stopping. The first and easy step to start with is to increase your physical moment and activity and cut unhealthy fatty,


Which One of These is Your Reasons for putting on weight?

Listing down a few factors that can lead to obesity.

Wrong Food, Wrong Time: Wrong diet is the first reason that leads to weight gain. Eating processed food, eating at wrong time, or overeating…all lead to weight gain. For your weight gain it is food that is 80% responsible, only 20% can be attributed to lack of exercise.

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Which is better – Morning Walk or Evening Walk?

Depending on your schedule and routine make a slot of 25 minutes exclusively devoted to walking. Walking is an easy to accommodate, simple and affordable exercise to stay fit and healthy.  Given a choice between morning and evening walk, morning walk is certainly better and recommended and there are many good reasons for the same.

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Balance Your Energy With Yoga!

According to Yoga various adverse health conditions attack us because we allow our energy levels go awry, that prompts all the scattered bad or disease causing organisms to come together, form a group, and attack our system. Hence it is of utmost importance that we make yogic practice part of our daily life, thus not allowing any short or long term illnesses to build.

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The Theory Of Calorie Counting

The key to good health is to stop dieting and start eating normal natural foods every day. The secret is to just we aware about what we’re putting into our stomachs. We’re all becoming conscious of what we eat and are aware of how food we’re eating is going to affect our health.

We’re trying to eat as much organic as we can afford and find,


Improve Your Health With Night Walks

We are all aware of benefits of walking. It helps you to lose weight, improves cardiovascular health, blood circulation, bone density, balances cholesterol and much more. There are also debates about the time of walking; whether one should choose to walk in the morning, evening, or late at night. All timings are okay if we stick to basic guidelines of walking.

A group of young adults working out in a spinning class at the gym

Spinning –Cycling on Music

If you’re interested in joining spin classes to slim your legs but have never done this type of cardio earlier, there are a few things to know before you start.

Spinning is also called studio or indoor cycling. It is a very effective workout to strengthen heart and tone legs. A typical spinning class comprises a batch of 6 to 20 people.