This is How Our Brain Reacts to Junk Food!

One packet of store bought chips can easily fail the sensation we get from home made chips where a lot of effort has gone in to save nutrients and is in reality a much healthier option. But it doesn’t stand any chance when it comes to chips packed in colorful airtight packets in all the different flavors.


Practical Solutions to Overcome Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating is a horrific disorder not only for its consequences and side effects that may reflect rest of our lives but also because it makes its way in quietly and isn’t an easy habit to break or overcome. And without meaning to sound discouraging to those who are reading it to find a solution I’d like to tell you that there isn’t a formula that will work for everyone.


Ayurveda Based Diet Tips to Keep Cool through Summer

According to Ayurveda summer is a season that triggers Pitta. Pitta administers digestive energies; i.e. “agnis” or fire energies in the body. Pitta manages various heats in our body – it is in charge of how food gets digest as well as how our sensory perceptions metabolize. Aggravated Pitta or pitta imbalance affects our physical,


Iron Deficiency among Kids

Iron deficiency affects toddlers, teenagers, young adults and adults alike. Iron is an important nutrient that performs many important functions in the body like enabling oxygen transportation in blood, provides energy, and makes the brain work.

Kids: Iron deficiency is very common amongst preschoolers and growing kids as that is the time they are growing fast and need substantial vital nutrients to keep up with growth and what they get is not always enough.


Protein Rich Foods For Vegetarians

Protein is an important nutrient and everyone from small baby to an ageing individual needs it, sourced through food we eat. Function of Protein is to build a strong and robust body that can fight diseases and maintain energy levels till we live. A fit body is capable of working for long hours with productivity quotient being high.

Fresh pea soup in whilte bowl seasoned with dill, cream and pepper.

Yummy Lentil Soup-For All Seasons

Soup though more popular during winters, can make for a welcome healthy part of one’s daily meal through all seasons. May be this time you can give your red lentil soup a Turkish Twist! Or if you have never tried it, this time, lentil soup it is!

It’s simple to make, not too many ingredients required for the basic classic recipe and it fills your stomach and heart,

Perfect vegetarian fresh seasonal salad on wooden table

Add THESE ingredients To Your Salads To Lift Your Mood!

Studies have shown that around 20 per cent people experience depression at some point in their lives; women being more prone to it than men. Lifestyles issues of the young and adults make for number one factor leading t depression. Senior citizens are also known to suffer from depression which could be attributed to many factors including their declining health,


Eat in Silence – Mindful Eating!

Meal time is free time for most of us, leading busy & hectic lives. Why just meal time, these days we are not living any moment while in it. All the time we are running hap hazard. When we are eating we are thinking about work, when we are working we are thinking about something else…


Always Wash THESE In Your Kitchen

Helping your family stay healthy is a serious and fulltime job. At every step it requires practice of good hygiene Right from buying your grocery, dairy products, veggies, and fruits to serving them on table the family has to take many precautions. Lapse at one step and the entire effort goes for a toss. Buy fresh things,

Mushrooms with ingredients on a black background

Go On A Sugar De Tox!

Sugar Detox is the process of removing sugar from diet and thus saving yourself from many health issues that may crop up because of excess sugar intake. It is not as easy to do away with sugar as it sounds or is made to sound. Sugar Detox requires mental readiness as much as it requires you to be physically ready.