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How Your Environment Shapes Your Eating Decisions- Part 1

To eat healthy, you have to buy healthy. Which means next time you go grocery shopping for the month, buy healthy foods more than junk that is full of oil and bad health. In the outer ring of the grocery store is generally where one can find all the healthy options and the inside lanes are full of tasty,


Mosquito Repellent Plants You Can Grow at Home

Mosquitoes are dangerous pests and among the deadliest human disease agents. One bite can cause a range of vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue, elephantiasis, etc.

Use of chemical sprays and smokes is common when it comes to keeping these pests at bay.  But we can also use some natural methods to get rid of them.

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Important Hints & Tips for Making Superior Compost at Home Part 2

All the compost ingredients are either carbon based or nitrogen based and only when they come together in the right quantity will you get the compost that is of best quality.

Plants are not grown with compost. Compost is one of the additives in the soil in which you are planning to grow plants and trees.


Making Compost at Home – Part 1

What if you could make your own compost that’d not only keep your garden looking and smelling green but also help to create an organic environment to make your mint and basil 100% organic! Well we can all do it. It is easy….and more than effort, it is a matter of habit. Just create a habit that instead of throwing kitchen waste or any organic waste in the dustbin you will collect it in a special-bin assigned to it,

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How About Wearing Organic Too?

Wearing organic is an important facet of leading an organic life. For commercial purpose all that once was pure and raw has undergone so much processing & chemicalization (if I’m allowed to coin a phrase for it, i.e.) that organic had nearly lost its meaning and significance. Strangely it is now re-emerging as something higher and special with even glamorous quotient attached to it.

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How to Teach, Inspire, & Raise Environmentally Conscious Kids

Preserving & protecting environment should be everyone’s concern irrespective of gender, age, income, country etc. In this post we will discuss how we can inculcate consciousness and awareness about environment amongst small school doing children from young age.

It is only when we teach kids environmentally friendly ways to do various things in their day to day life is how they will grow into healthy environmentally conscious citizens.


Understanding Benefits of Organic Food and Risks of Pesticides

This post is an attempt to help you make better decisions about choosing organic foods that’ll promise good health, won’t harm to the environment, and how we can include organic food into our everyday diet.

Eating balanced food is a great way to lead a healthy life. We all are given to understand that creating and following a nutritional diet chart in your daily routine by consuming fruits,

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Environmental Issues You & I Should get Involved In

Being environmentally aware means to understanding the delicate, dangerous, and depleting state of our environment and also understand our role as well as importance of protecting and preserving the natural world in its natural state.  To become conscious and preserve nature is everybody’s business and should be treated as priority.

Those aware should spread it amongst friends and family so that everyone can understand that each person’s contribution matters and together we can make a difference to leave a better world for our children and it is thus important that each one of us gets involved.


Easy Rules to Keep Our Planet Green

 A lot has been written about eco friendly living and while you are reading this may be a few hundred thousand words more would get around.  It’s a hot topic because our planet is getting hotter by the day and it is not a good sign at all. Instead of making a list of 135 things that you and I can do to lead a green life or promote green movement,


Solar Cookers- How Environment friendly, Economical And Useful They Really Are?

Solar cooking is successful where there is ample of sunshine and the climate is apt. We already know it’s an environment friendly method of cooking – simple, safe, convenient, no fuel consumption, no hot, smoky kitchens. Solar cookers perform at their optimum, where it gets direct sunlight. Clouds and poor weather will reduce its effectiveness.