Gardener planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil at back yard

Five Summer Home Gardening Tips For Balcony & Outdoor Plants & Pots

To be good gardener, you ought to understand the plants you grow. How they bloom, when they bloom, flower, and fruit; the kind of harvesting they need, exposing them to chemicals vs. nourishing them with organic manure, and so on and so forth. Little doubts that those who understand their gardens grow them the best!


Why Meditation Doesn’t Work for Some?

Meditation WORKS is a proven fact! Not only those into Yoga will vouch for it but the whole world has come to accept it. Scientists, doctors, researchers, everyone is convinced about benefits of meditation. It is a highly recommended practice to improve the quality of your physical, emotional and spiritual life. And yet we have people around us who say it doesn’t work for them.


How Stress Causes Headache & Meditation Brings Relief?

Headaches have engulfed entire nations. 90% of the headaches are caused due to stress is what scientists and researchers believe. Though factors like dehydration, accident, injury, illness etc. can’t be ruled out, the major culprit is stress. So to relieve headaches on a permanent basis, pain relievers is not an answer, we have to actually make the effort in the direction of relieving stress to uproot it from our system.


Symptoms You Should Not Ignore in Kids & Newborns- Part 1

There are some very common and obvious symptoms that no parent ignores but then there are also some seemingly milder symptoms that are life threating  that parents may take lightly. We have created a list of symptoms, some of them may be difficult to recognise, however, parents should be aware of them. They are as under:

Sick Infant: If your infant is less than one-month-old,


Stop Worrying! Start Living!!

Tendency to worry is called anxiety and it is a feeling of uneasiness and fear we all experience at some point in our lives. Anxiety many a times is associated with change.  We are anxious before accepting or embracing change. Thus it is the most basic and natural response to a challenging situation. In fact it is a perfectly normal and healthy response or a feeling that brings out the best in us and helps us to adept better and become stronger.


Raising Children…

It is so rare these days to come across kids who think learning is fun and enjoy the experience of learning, are excited about learning new things. The problem lies with the way our education system works, the way we teach; and we know it by now. Parents i.e. we often fall prey to the pressure that the modern education system brings,

Yoga Instructor meditating with a group of children in the nature. 




Life Skills Our Kids be Taught as They Finish School & Step into Adulthood- Part 2


There is this peculiar thing about life skills. They can’t be taught in classroom environment. They have to be part of your life and need practical demonstration. They work better when experienced before being they are adopted. Life skills are also easy to learn because they are day to day skills that we need to carry on through life;