Drawbacks of Eating Leftovers & Refrigerated Foods

Leftover is easy to identify. It looks dull, dry, rough, hard, gross, and cloudy as compared to the freshly prepared food. The bad news is that people across the world are getting used to eating from the plastic boxes or cooking and refrigerating food and eating it for days. The number is increasing day after day and so are health issues.


Ayurveda Remedies for Depression

Depression has become a common emotional disorder in the world today. No nation is spared. People of all age groups are its victims of it, many a times the reasons are most trivial and silly.  Even primary school children are depressed, something unheard of till a few years ago.  We are going to discuss all aspects of Ayurveda like its causes symptoms and treatments.


Ayurveda Home Remedy For Skin Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is a universal issue. It is not a disease but a condition. It can happen anywhere in the body. Skin pigmentation on face is a more commonly heard of problem because blemishes on face are easily visible and make a person conscious. Hyper pigmentation is caused because of excessive generation and accumulation of a pigment called the melanin on certain areas of your skin.


Meditate to re wire your brain and lead a better life!


What Makes Neem The Wonder Tree?

Neem tree has a hundred medicinal values. It has been known as a wonder tree for it does more than you can imagine. From healing skin irritation to balancing heat in the body, it helps in many ways.

It is Anti Cancer: The most important property of neem leaves is that it kills cancerous cells.


Don’t Ignore Your Dental Health!

Wrong lifestyle not only affects physical and emotional health of men and women, it also affects your confidence and appearance if you are facing physical illness on account of dental health. Dental decay, bad odour, yellowing teeth, etc are some of the problems that can lead to serious health issues if you are casual about maintaining good oral health.


Simple, Practical Remedies You Can Practice every day to Look Good as You Age

Ageing is a natural non-reversible process which can at its best be slowed down, not stopped. No doctor, no age old remedy, no chemical treatment, nothing whatsoever can stop ageing process. As we age various tissues start to degenerate and their functions slow down as a result of which it shows in various ways externally &

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Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare 50’s and beyond

When we talk about women in 50s the first thing that strikes is menopause and hot flashes. But it is more than that. Simply stated this is when a woman shifts gears and things pause only for a while, that too if you have not taken care of yourself through your 20s, 30s and 40s.

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Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare in your 40’s

Though widely known as an age when women can finally expect to find some relaxing time, the reality is that it hardly holds any water. In a way women in 40s are at their peak. It is the time when kids are grown up and are able to take care of themselves; their careers are mostly settled,


Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare in Your 30s

Women are busiest in their 30s. They are moms, juggling career, building and looking after family, and running countless errands you can’t think of. This is the beginning of the phase when she gets into the habit of ignoring herself and letting herself go and she wakes up when water has flown over her head and symptoms are already looking in the face.