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Shitali Pranayama – A Super Effective Yogic Breathing Technique for Summers

If you include and practice the right breathing and yoga poses in summers with Yoga or any other exercise routine that you follow, it is likely to keep you focused, healthy, active, and happy as the heat rises. Summer is a season that’s supposed to tire and drain you of energy. We’re listing some poses known for calming your nerves.

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How Spirituality Helps to Overcome Depression

Depression is a psychological problem that has engulfed nations. People of all ages across the world are affected by it. Reasons are diverse and peculiar. So peculiar, that sometimes one person’s problem is another person’s solution. Strange but true, there are reports that it is happening. And when it happens at this level, it is the hollowest,

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Spiritual Wellbeing = Inner Transformation = Fulfilling Life

Spirituality is for everyone. But it’s neither magic nor a pill. Nor is it meant to be practiced by select sect or people. Spirituality is for everyone to embrace irrespective of country, caste, and all. It is an experience wherein the more you practice, the more you gain; deeper the involvement, better the outcome. Spirituality enables you to see the logic beyond the obvious;


How Spirituality Helps to Overcome Depression


Let Ma Durga Awaken You Spiritually This Season!


Durga puja or Navaratri is a popular Indian festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped by performing different rituals through nine days of celebrations. Goddess Durga represents female energy.  India perhaps is the only country in the world where female energy is worshipped by giving it a form of Goddess.

It is common knowledge that Durga Puja depicts &


Ganesh Chaturthi –a Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey is all about inner well being and Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to take spiritual resolve by praying to Lord Ganesha to bestow inner spiritual strength to help us attain success in our spiritual and worldly endeavors.  Lord Ganesha, the endearing elephant-headed God, also known as Vighna Harta removes hurdles and obstacles from the path of those aspiring for spiritual enlightenment.

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Avoid Falling Prey to Work, Internet, Shopping, or Substance ADDICTION

When discussion about addiction crops up most of us are able to relate to just a few types of addictions, like drug, alcohol etc. However of late we’ve woken up to and have accepted gambling or use of several substances as an addiction.  But we are still not completely aware. Not many of us yet realize that work,


Inner Transformation

Inner transformation is for everyone and all should embrace it as part of life. Just like it is normal and expected for a baby to grow from infant to babyhood and from there to an adult – in shape, appearance, and physical strength, it is also important to realize that growing from within at mental and emotional level is also necessary,


 Takes Just 2 Minutes to Start Your Meditation practice

Meditation creates a positive influence on all that we do through the day or life. It changes our perception and approach to life. Meditation has a direct impact on how we interact with people, how we deal with relationships and resentments and so on. It has the power to transform us in ways we cannot imagine. 


Positives of Crisis 

Crises makes us stronger, wiser, it evolves us, makes us better human beings…. and more.

There is never anything good about tough and trying times; crises we face, be it personal, medical, or professional. In the sense that, we could have easily done without a phase like that! We make our own plans and prepare to walk the path and then suddenly we’re walking a different path.