Change Your Perspective From Negative To Positive!


If you care to look around you will realise that we are surrounded with negativity. Newspapers and TV channels are breaking one bad news after the other, our own lives and that of our loved ones is a constant reason for us to worry, all the time we are worrying over something or the other. We even worry imagining things, possibilities of something not going our way worries us! There is an abundance of this kind of energy around and we are so influenced by it that instead of joyful, fulfilling thoughts making way into our lives bad thoughts strike us all the time. So much so that sometimes we feel we are programming ourselves to become negative thinkers and influencers.

This is a very dangerous situation to be in, and sad reality is that we are in it all the time. We’re focusing too much knowingly or unknowingly on negativity. It is said and believed that whatever we focus on turns into reality; that we breed, nurture, and multiply negativity by giving it so much importance and making it look large.  It influences and corrupts our mind, thought process, actions, and surroundings.  Because of what we have surrounded ourselves with is probably the reason why we are a society of violent, angry, and ailing people.

In order to create a progressive, positive, forward marching society we will have to start with creating positive thought, which will create positive situations.  And this doesn’t necessarily have to be a collective effort. We can start being positive at individual level; by steering clear of negative news, stressful people and situations, seeking positive stories and outlook on life; finding inspiration, peace etc. We should tune our mind in a way that we are constantly seeking people who inspire us in a positive direction, are at peace with themselves, and sorted out. It’s only when we are in company of such a surrounding that life will change.

One thing will lead to the other. One positive, happy thought will light many minds and hearts. Positivity leads people to have good health of mind, body and soul. Our spiritual growth is also dependent on seeing beyond physical boundaries, beyond negativity, seeing possibility of good in worst of situation. And this process will start when we make space for positivity in our lives. Positivity evolves us, whereas negativity degrades quality of our life and surroundings affecting our families and their future. When the situation is viewed collectively, it ruins the entire fabric of society.

However as we train our minds to shift focus from negative to positive we should also ensure that positivity is not confused with exaggeration of facts or manipulating them or falling into a trap where we are fooling ourselves; or temporarily switching off or getting away from reality. Positivity is an ongoing process; it’s a state of mind having the power to change our lives for the better on a permanent basis.

The secret is in taking that first step in the right direction.