Checklist for living a green and healthy life


To live green means to live a non toxic life, let’s show some kindness to mother earth; it’s more than long overdue.  We should all do our bit in our day to day life. Read this checklist, where some practical solutions to show your concern for environment are being discussed; like, reusing, re-cycling, reforming, and more. Some of them may look small but in the long run they’ll all add up.

Start with your kitchen. Maintain an environment friendly kitchen at all times. This is where you can work towards minimizing waste; conserve water, save fuel, and electricity.  Don’t overcook, it wastes fuel and damages nutrients. Some people just throw some or the other leftovers or expired food packs in bins every day. Don’t make excuses, plan better. Teach your family to be more organized with their eating routines. If they intend to eat out, let them inform in advance. Don’t be so busy that you don’t have time to check expiry date on packed food.

Use cloth bags for kitchen shopping as often as you can instead of plastic bags. Plastics are known to cause the worst kind of damage to environment as they are non bio degradable.

Avoid using disposable plates and glasses to save environment. Instead go with what lasts longer and can be washed and re-used day after day. Buy a dishwasher instead to clean the dishes.

Use basic cleaning products to clean your kitchen. People’s kitchens are filled with disinfectants which have harmful chemicals in them. Instead wipe your kitchen clean with a piece of clean re-usable cloth and make it a habit to wash it after every use.

Go for kitchen gadgets from light bulbs to refrigerator to Microwave that are energy efficient. Avoid Teflon coated pans etc because if they get damaged or are overheated they become infected with toxins and can cause more harm than many of you can even imagine.

Conserve water in kitchen in as many ways as you can.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms too so it is important that we make them environmentally friendly as much as we can; by using energy efficient light bulbs, A/C and heater; our sleepwear, bedding and furniture like bed, chair, small table (if there’s one in the bedroom to work) are made with environmentally friendly fabric and wood.

If we incorporate at least the above, we will be doing our bit to save the environment, trees, wild, water, seasons, fauna, flora etc for coming generations to enjoy, not as stories but as a reality, a part of their life, like it is ours, today. Let’s make an attempt, take the first step.