Never lose hope! Combat Diabetes!!


Vishwa’s Combat Diabetes program is an effective combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle alternation which enables patients to fight diabetes and regain their health.


An estimated 8.3% or 382 million people globally suffer from diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes is one of the major concerns in the healthcare arena worldwide. Doctors say it is easy to prevent or delay the onset of this disease.

People associated with Healthcare and welfare worldwide are deeply concerned about the rising occurrence of this disease.


Amongst the various factors that cause this disease, a sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating habits, obesity, stress are right at the top. Today people in all age groups are prone to this sickness. It is already affecting a large population and a lot many more at the risk of potentially becoming a victim in the coming years.



  1. Excessive thirst
  2. Fatigue
  3. Sudden fat loss or gain
  4. Nausea
  5. Slow healing wounds
  6. Dryness in mouth
  7. Increased rate of urination
  8. Blurred vision


The whole world is fighting Diabetes. We at Vishwa are doing our bit too, albeit in harmony with nature. We offer organic, nature driven treatment and preventive programs (residential as well as non residential) to deal with diabetes in different people at different stages and age groups.

The Vishwa Combat Diabetes program is an effective combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle alternations, etc which not only enables the patients to fight diabetes but helps the healthy to retain their health for an extended period of time.

We at Vishwa are trying to reach out to people who are already affected by this illness to present a way to keep it under check. At the same time we are trying to equip those who are on borderline not affected by it by offering techniques and tools which can help them to steer clear of it.


Nature has much to offer and our research and development team claims that lifestyle changes can do a lot in preventing or keeping diabetes under control.  So don’t be surprised when our expert asks you to bring changes in your lifestyle. When you follow routines suggested by them, you will be very happy with the results.

Our solutions are Adverse Side Effects Free. On the contrary the changes and treatments we suggest, have a  positive impact on the overall quality of life of the patient.

We help to deal with both type 1 and type2 diabetes patients; those on the borderline; we also help kids fight juvenile Diabetes; also cases with a family history of Diabetes are treated here depending on the individual case studies. We treat, prevent and suggest lifestyle changes to steer clear of the monster.

We do not offer miracles we offer solutions, hence we request our patients to have faith in us and give time to their bodies to respond to our medication.  Hundreds and thousands of people have benefited from our programs across the world and are facing far less health related challenges as compared to their brethren who took to insulin injections.

Program Duration- six months

This Program includes-

1)  Mind Body Consultation and Ananlysis

2) Counselling sessions

3) Diet Plan

4) Exercise Plan

5) Meditation sessions

6) Medication, Supplements and health aids

What Should You Tell Us When You Write to Us?

It is difficult for us to standardize our treatment  packages as diabetes is an ailment, and each body, its problems, and capacity to fight the disease is different. Even age and type of diabetes pays a role. So we prefer to tailor treatment packages according to the patient’s condition. It would be best if you will call us or write to us with your condition, scanned copy of medical reports if possible, and we shall get back to you with the best solution.

We will be with you during the entire duration of the program. You can call us, write to us for any queries that you may have anytime during the program.

If you are feeling stressed, sad, negative, and cluttered, which is affecting your personal and professional life… if you want to share it with someone and get help, rest assured we are trained to do both. Since we are trained to be good listeners, we are able to offer practical solutions.


You can do the program by visiting our center in Shivpuri/Mumbai or remotely through telephonic/Skype sessions. 


Program Costs-

Rs. 10,000/-


  Take the diabetes survey given below to find out the about your health levels.


If you or someone in your family or known is suffering from Diabetes & needs help please tell them to contact us to enable us to help them to control and keep the problem under check.

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