Definitive DIY Solutions for Stress Relief


Causes & Symptoms of stress at a glance: Disinterested & poor performance at work/school. Excessive fear or anxiety; don’t feel rested after sleep, feeling of un-wellness, alcohol or drugs consumption. Become snappy, acidic; display negative behaviour traits, withdraw from social life, find yourself inept to deal with day to day situations. Become over conscious about how you look what you eat, putting on weight etc. This is stress. If you allow yourself to go through it, it’ll eat you.  Instead take steps now. Below are a few practical tips that are easy to understand and apply.

Not just relatives, bosses, and boyfriends are a cause of stress; small everyday situations may also cause it. Learn to get better off them. For example, while waiting for your turn at the dentist, instead of fretting that you’re getting late for your professional appointment call and postpone it (dealing  with situation), then take out your computer and finish your task , reply to mails, or plan work. (Make it into productive time).

Avoid the person or company that causes or creates stress in your life. If it is not possible avoid them altogether, at least try to limit time spent with stressful people. Avoid topics that cause stress. Do not accept requests that cause more stress. Learn to say no. Besides depending on self -help tips from the internet, professionals, & wise friends think of small things to do like reach office through the more scenic road instead of taking the dusty stressful highway. I am always humming a song in my mind.

A more evolved route: Try talking it out or politely explaining to the person whose conversation or topics or remarks cause stress and headache. If they understand, it will solve your problem and save you a friend. At the same time if you can objectively look at your own behaviour and change it, it will help you steer clear of a stress causing situation. If you can’t change your own behaviour, be more understanding with others. If you are stressed because your standards or expectations are too high, try lowering the bar. Then you can be more accepting of others.

If you are caught in a situation you can’t do anything about, try to see the positive in it and only then respond. The dentist situation discussed above is a part example.   Expecting too much of yourself and of others, both can be distressing.  Lower your expectations and standards; raise your bar of acceptance. If your child couldn’t score what you expected, it is okay. Accept it and start planning the next step, life will go on. Focus on the good things that are happening to get through the stressful situation.

If you have a friend with whom you can share the stressful situation, do it. Learn to forgive yourself and others and move forward. You can try Deep breathing and meditation. It will help your nerves to relax.