Develop The Love For Reading in Your Children Early On!


Moms of pre-schoolers are tied up 24X7; with their lives revolving around child’s routines. And over and above this to fit a new schedule to set them on the path of reading may not be as easy as it looks. But it is something very important that you as a parent can’t overlook either. Remember if you time it right, you will be changing your child’s life forever!

Set a fixed time for reading. Once they get used to your reading stories to them, they will sit and listen to it. Have patience and before you’ll know, the kids will be hooked and taking interest, soon looking forward to these sessions with you. It may require some patients in the beginning, I repeat because kids by nature are restless and would prefer some action over quiet time. But it is only a matter of time before they get used to this new routine.

As you introduce them to these story telling sessions, they’ll start by asking questions about stories and that’s going to be a wonderful feeling for you.  Because as you are introducing them to books, you’re also instilling the art of conversation in your child. Make sure you choose books according to age of the child. If it’s a toddler, big books, with bright colours, textures, and sounds, will work. Animal picture books are a huge attraction for children. If you can get your hands on touch and feel books, why not!

For those whose native language is not English, besides reading English story books to them, also read stories in your native language to develop interest in stories and subject. Books that trigger senses make for a more interesting read; such books develop their curiosity & introduce them to the concept of exploration. Rhymes on the other hand develop speech and vocabulary.

Engaging your child in a bedtime stories’ routine is a great way to introduce him/her to a range of plots from Walt Disney to The Little Red Riding Hood to fairy tales.  You can introduce book of colours on the side. I got to hear a mother’s experience who was trying to introduce her child to the habit of reading. That when a character’s name in the story book resembled her own child’s name, it worked as a great and positive experience for the child.

When you are trying to introduce children to the world of books, make sure that you develop their interest before introducing the book. You may need to weave your own little homemade stories on way, but unless you can get them interested, it won’t work.  Keep a lot of books at hand. Some with pictures, some with sounds, read-aloud books, some with textures…. and see how things progress. Soon you will be proud parents of a child who loves books.