Don’t Ignore Your Dental Health!


Wrong lifestyle not only affects physical and emotional health of men and women, it also affects your confidence and appearance if you are facing physical illness on account of dental health. Dental decay, bad odour, yellowing teeth, etc are some of the problems that can lead to serious health issues if you are casual about maintaining good oral health. If you do not checked and bring problems under control in time, it can lead to fatal diseases in worst cases.

While some items like tobacco, alcohol, wine, coffee and tea stain your teeth, wrong foods like sugar and alcohol lead to more serious problems like cancer.

Wrong lifestyle comprising wrong food and diet, not taking proper care of teeth in terms of keeping them clean, not flossing, not visiting dentist for regular checkups, too much smoking or consuming alcohol beyond limit and MOST importantly not taking care of dental health of kids are the worst primary factors that lead to poor dental health as one grows up into an adult.

Balanced Diet for Dental Health: Diet comprising chemical free fruit and vegetables, even breads, rice, potatoes and pasta made with wholegrain is considered good for teeth. You should also include dairy as well as non-dairy sources rich in protein as protein is known to help to add strength to dental health. Water and liquid diets comprising juices and shakes also improve dental health.

Fruit or Fruit Juice? Between fresh  juice and eating the same fruit, always choose the latter. When you eat whole fruit the same sugar that would enter your body through juice enters your body with fibre and other nutrients, which not only makes it easy to digest but also works better inside and is a healthier option. Sugar is released from fruit when fruits are blended for juice which is no good.

Cut sugar: Don’t overdo sugar or give in to sugar cravings as it is one of the primary causes of tooth decay. Especially when you have them between meals as sugar gets stuck to your teeth. The longer you allow it to stay in the mouth the more decay you are causing for your oral health. So cut down on all those desserts and sweets and chocolates

Quit Smoking: Quit smoking is better than cut smoking as an advice as cut in 90% of the cases does not work and is a mere excuse to cut the discussion short.  We know that smoking leads to many serious health issues like yellowing teeth, cavity, gum diseases, bad breath etc. If allowed to go undetected, it can lead to far more serious health problems.

Quit Alcohol: Drinking beyond limits for an extended period of time leads to cancer of the mouth besides other parts being affected. Alcohol affects the outer surface of teeth, and when this happens it leads to loss of enamel. This is start of many problems. When the person drinking also has habit of smoking, results are worse. Research has proved that people who drink and smoke are at nearly 48% higher risk of developing cancer of the mouth as compared to people who neither drink nor smoke.

Even if you take a few of these tips seriously it will make you feel good about yourself  thinking that you have at least begun and taken some steps to keep your dental health good.