Don’t Throw Away Those Used Tea Bags, They Are Healthy Too!


Tea grows in abundance in Assam, India where it was initially served just a black concoction. The British added sugar and milk to suit their own taste buds; then slowly spices started making way to give the beverage different twists and flavours. And since then a lot of versions of tea have emerged, from java tea, to latte tea, iced tea, etc.

Tea is made in different ways in different countries. In fact each family that drink tea has their own peculiar style of brewing or adding flavours to it. There is this famous Indian masala tea, tea with ginger, basil, or mint leaves; crushed lemon grass… name a few.

Tea is a therapeutic beverage. It’s a well-known mood lifter not only for those who drink it, but also for those around to soak in the aroma as it is being brewed. Those who’ve experienced the aroma, will vouch for it and tell you how even the aroma from brewing can calm and rest the nerves.

Health Benefits: Ginger tea helps to calm respiratory tract ailments, cardamom tea calms the stomach & offers aroma therapeutic benefits. Masala tea which is a delicate blend of several dry spices such as clove, cardamom, cinnamon, dried ginger, peppercorn etc is a solution for a range of problems from cold and cough, waking you up, to boosting your mood.

Beauty Uses: Instead of throwing the used green tea bags you can keep them aside and use them in your beauty routine in the following ways.Green tea leaves are full of antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence the used or fresh green tea bags too are packed with beauty benefits. Some are listed below:

Calming puffy eyes:
If your eyes feel heavy and tired post a stressful day, green tea bags placed on your eyes will give you immediate relief. Green tea contains a component called tannin, which works like astringent and can reduce swelling and puffiness off your skin. All you need to do is let some used green tea bags cool and place them on your eyes. After ten minutes your eyes will feel lighter.

Nourishing hair:
For providing extra nourishment and good health to your hair, green tea hair-massage & rinse will work wonders. Boil several used green tea bags and allow them to cool down. Let it remain overnight. Rinse the next morning with this conditioner-water. Wet your hair with his water, massaged your head hair for 10 minutes, let it stay for another ten minutes, then rinse and wash it with shampoo.

Relief from sunburns: If you’ve been out in the sun, bearing scorching and harsh rays on skin, used refrigerated green tea bags will come in handy as they soothe sunburnt and inflamed skin. Just make a cold compress from these tea bags and go on gliding it on your skin.

Face mask: For a quick Detox, adding glow, and tightening saggy skin, take equal proportions of once used green tea from the bag, mix it with baking soda and add a little honey to it. Apply this mask on your face, leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse it off with cold water.