Easy Rules to Keep Our Planet Green


 A lot has been written about eco friendly living and while you are reading this may be a few hundred thousand words more would get around.  It’s a hot topic because our planet is getting hotter by the day and it is not a good sign at all. Instead of making a list of 135 things that you and I can do to lead a green life or promote green movement, let’s keep a few simple facts in mind while leading our day to day life. Every activity that we carry out, we should program our mind to evaluate from the a few angles. Then it will become much easier to lead a life that is good for our planet and for generations to come.

The more we read about a certain thing the more insensitive and casual we become towards it. But when it comes to environment, we should all be worried and make a collective effort to control it. At every step we are consuming environment, which we should reduce or minimise in our own little ways. Avoid use of plastic or reuse it, not waste food, water, control e-waste, drive slow, opt for public transport instead of driving. These are the activities most of us do through the day that causes damage to environment which we can bring down.

We should keep the below mentioned principles in our day to day life and spread the same to others too. Everything we do though the day should conserve energy and natural resources more than consume them. Natural resources are limited and if wasted will deplete the condition of our planet.

We should also try and waste the least, whatever that it is. If we can do with one paper we should not use two, and if forwarding the mail works we should avoid taking a print-out. Likewise we should try our best to reduce pollution in every possible way that we can think of; in whatever big and small ways that we can. Buying a new mobile or vehicle for passion is not welcome anymore just because you can afford it as they release harmful fumes and gases into the environment, polluting it.  When we earn money, we should learn the wisdom to lead a sensible life and not give in to consumerism. This is a true measure of education and success.

We should also ensure that while doing anything, be it building our dream home or remodelling it, we aren’t disturbing earth’s ecological balance. We should make sensible choices when it comes to saving ecological balance of our planet. Even if you have a small balcony, you can grow indoor plants that improve quality of air Have green weddings, organize green birthday parties, have green annual holidays, make your workplace green. Meaning contribute green where you can, wherever it is possible.

We’d appreciate if you share what you do to maintain ecological balance of earth.  It’s a good way to improve earth’s eco balance as well as encourage each other and more people to do it.