Vishwa Foundation helps run many schools and supports education for poor students in many parts of India.

Education is important as it shapes the society. Vishwa, as part of its endevour to build a healthier and progressive society has been supporting and sponsoring education institutes in various ways. In Shivpuri, Vishwa Foundation has been supporting Shree Sharadamata High School for the last 27 years. Besides, it sponsors & supports nearby schools in areas other psrts of India as well.

Shree Sharadamata High School was started in the year 1988. It runs on the philosophy of holistic learning and teachings of Shree and the building is also designed using eco-design concepts.

Sharadamata High School is a unique school that aims at providing wholesome education to its pupil. Students are taught the principles of the timeless wisdom along with modern education and environmental awareness. The students have shown encouraging signs of overall development by  excelling in various cultural, educational and sports meets every year.

The school has many first generation learners from the neighboring villages including children of farmers and day laborers, who otherwise had no access to quality education. Students are either imparted education free of cost or are charged a very minimal fee. Vishwa Foundation provides learning material and other school supplies free of cost to underprivileged children.

Most of the schools we are associated with, facilitate education for the underprivileged children. These schools are run by Vishwa volunteers and are doing pioneering work in creating educational opportunities for the children living in nearby areas. As many as 15,000 children are being provided education free of cost by these schools. While many schools offer education till the high school level, some of the educational institutes in Pune and Aurangabad also facilitate college level education and vocational training centers.

Many of the teachers working in these schools are concerned thoughtful citizens who’ve volunteered to do so. Some of the teachers are also ex students who want to give back to the society.

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