How Your Environment Shapes Your Eating Decisions- Part 1

Portrait of happy smiling young beautiful woman in fitness wear holding grocery shopping bag with healthy vegetarian food, outdoors

To eat healthy, you have to buy healthy. Which means next time you go grocery shopping for the month, buy healthy foods more than junk that is full of oil and bad health. In the outer ring of the grocery store is generally where one can find all the healthy options and the inside lanes are full of tasty, tangy, options where you splurge and wait for hours staring and drooling over the new fatty launches.

To be able to snack healthy, eat healthy, drink healthy, you will have to make the choice right now. There is another very very important tip. When you go grocery shopping, go with a full stomach. If you go hungry you will end up coming back with lots of wrong, unhealthy, delicious options. On the contrary, if your stomach is full, your mind will work better and wiser.

Brian Wansink is a professor at Cornell University who has carried out several studies on how our environment shapes our eating decisions. According to that research our behaviour with regard to eating is influenced by the environment we live in. It is a proven fact that by making little changes in our environment it is possible to change or improve our habits to help us lead a happy and healthy life.  These habits could be eating, exercising, social interpersonal behaviour or any other.

In this post we will focus on ways to create an environment that will help us eat healthy in the course of the day.

Opting For Smaller Plates: The research says that if you decide to use a 10-inch plate instead of the regular 12 inch one, you will end up consuming 22% less food during the year. In small plates you tend to serve smaller portions. Same size of portion in a larger plate looks too small and your mind gives `not-satisfied’ signals and you eat more…

Keep Water Handy to Avoid Cold Drinks: So often and so easily we go for a coke or other beverages when we are thirsty. If we keep a large bottle filled with water handy or close by that we can reach easily without having to get up, next time we are thirsty we will take a sip of water instead of getting up and taking the bottle of cola or whatever from the fridge.

Position Healthy Foods Closer: While eating on the table or wherever, if you keep desert close to you, you will eat it more than the healthier options, So make it a habit to place a bowl of salad or other healthy options that you have closer to you. Also place the healthy finger foods and snacks, fruits etc in places  where you are likely to go or spend more time. For example in front of the tv at typical times, a bottle of nuts near the doorway so you can have a few while rushing out of the house will help.