Environmental Issues You & I Should get Involved In

Sad alone woman in the dead bushes and thunderous sky on a background. Artistic colors added for movie effect

Being environmentally aware means to understanding the delicate, dangerous, and depleting state of our environment and also understand our role as well as importance of protecting and preserving the natural world in its natural state.  To become conscious and preserve nature is everybody’s business and should be treated as priority.

Those aware should spread it amongst friends and family so that everyone can understand that each person’s contribution matters and together we can make a difference to leave a better world for our children and it is thus important that each one of us gets involved.

All of us need to understand as well as help others to understand that environmental issues have suddenly become so important and are so often talked about is our own doing. The destruction that environment is facing today is a result of our own actions of the past wherein we or our earlier generation did not give heed to the consequences of their actions. We tried improving our lives at the cost of destroying natural resources and there came a point when there was no reversal.

There are many environmental issues that need our immediate attention. We can pick and choose an environmental issue that we can relate with and can make an honest contribution at our level. It is better to seriously get involved with one cause with all honesty rather than get involved in too many and then do nothing. Whichever cause that you decide to promote and play a role in you will realise that at the root they are all intertwined with each other and lead to the same goal, protecting and preserving the environment.  Some issues that you can associate with are as under:

Controlling Plastic Production: To control production of plastic we will have to learn to avoid using it. It is non biodegradable and very harmful for environment. Everyone can easily play a role in reducing the use of plastic by saying no to plastic in their day to day lives.

Oil drilling is extremely harmful for environment. While offshore drilling or spilling of oil destroys marine life by poisoning water, oil drilling done on land damages earth, and the combustion increases atmospheric carbon-dioxide, which in due course causes global warming, ocean acidification etc. To reduce such effects we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

Deforestation: We have been destroying hundreds and thousands for acres of land by cutting trees for industrialization and mining etc. This creates an imbalance in our eco cycle, all the flora, fauna, wild life, their inter dependence, the water resources, everything gets affected.

Besides the above mentioned steps we can get involved and play a role of good global citizens by protecting our environment in many small ways. We can walk instead of driving, reuse products, become vegetarians, minimise use of or sparingly use natural resources, not use pesticides or artificial hormones on farmland and soil, buy organic, promote everything organic , not waste electricity and in many more ways.

If each one of us avoids one thing during the day that will protect environment in whatever little way possible, collectively the effort can make a huge difference.  Let’s do out bit!