Essential Oils- Natures Medicine


Aromatherapy is a holistic system designed to heal mind and body. In Aromatherapy, treatment is rendered with the distilled concentrated essence of plants called ‘Essential Oil’, which is the life force of the plants. Essential oils are “Nature’s Medicines” bestowed with precious therapeutic uses.

The ancient Ayurvedic concept that any ailment is primarily an imbalance of the mind-body system, is fast gaining acceptance today. Aromatherapy therapy uses the power of essential oils and their Aroma to neutralize such an imbalance. Stimulation through the senses is not limited only to the body but percolates through and affects the mind as well.

Although it passes without conscious recognition, most aromas have immediate psychological impact on us.  In Aromatherapy essential oils are put to use by several means, which involve either breathing in the enticing aromas or absorbing the diluted oils through skin. Apart from using the inherent therapeutic properties of essential oils, aromatherapy also makes use of the aroma of oils to evoke a favorable reaction of the mind to help heal the mind-body as an integrated system. The effect is on a deeper and subtler level.

During Aromatherapy massage, the aromatic molecules of the essential oils exert action through both inhalation as well as through cutaneous absorption. Although impenetrable to water, the skin can absorb oils with ease. Once they pass through the skin they make their way to the dermis where they get absorbed in blood stream.

Essential oils are known to be antioxidants, thus helping in increasing oxygen. This reduces the blood viscosity and improves circulation.


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