Exercise Related Truths No One Wants to Acknowledge

Woman meditating and doing yoga against white background

Everyone talks about losing weight & remaining fit. Everyone talks about which exercises to take up, which supplements to buy, timing, duration and so on and so forth. But these are not the basic points. The foundation on which exercise survives and pays off are really, really basic facts. We take them for granted and never soak it.

First Basic: Learn to Look at Fitness as a Long Term Goal: Most people look at it short term. I want to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks, bench press certain pounds, work hard this month to win the race next month. This is not right and won’t help you survive long term in the fitness race. Instead, work towards being the person who won’t miss out a day of exercise or will remain fit for life and improve strength and stamina over time and stick to it.

Not that short-term exercise goals don’t pay. They do, people do lose certain pounds in certain weeks, or run or swim faster within a few weeks of practice. They do.  But when you learn to do it normally without aggression, treat fitness not as a one-time thing but as a way of life, the results will be long term and remarkable.

Fix & Stick to a Routine: Exercise is not a convenience, not an option, not something you will do when you feel like it or can quit when you don’t feel up to it. This is a wrong programming. The fact is exercising is something like food or breathing. It is as crucial to your survival as any of those. So don’t treat it specially. It is a normal activity that should form part of your day like all other things do. Set or fix a timing and stick to it. Your schedule should drive you to exercise not your mood.

When you exercise, have a goal: When people go to the gym or exercise on their own, they don’t have a goal. They simply exercise. From this machine to that and so on and so forth. Instead, understand about exercises and how they will affect your body and health and would you like to include them in your routine and why etc. the basic fact remains, that the more you exert your body, the better.  There are some workouts that everyone should include in their daily exercise routine. They are Squat, Pullups, Pushups, Bench Press, Snatch, Sprints, Overhead Press, etc.

Routine: Start light, and train for volume first followed by intensity:  You should start slow and light because if you get exhausted or sore, or fail in any other way you are not likely t continue. Whereas if you take it easy, one day at a time, you will build your health and strength well.

Steady Progress: Work towards steady progress. Don’t set out to achieve anything overnight. You will lose it as fast as you gain it.

Mindset makes all the difference. If you treat exercise as part of your life, something normal, you will gain from it slowly and steadily. Whereas if you come into it at once with a lot of fancy gear and false commitment you will soon find yourself losing steam and going back to old ways. So take it easy, believe in it, and give your best!