Wondering how to become healthier? Fitter? Manage stress better? Than get in touch with our health experts to get a personalized health plan that suits your body type!!


Everyday we crave to become healthier than we are, lose unwanted weight or be able to manage the daily stress in our lives in a better way so that our lives can become that much easier and happy. We are constantly either searching for solutions to get to our desired state of fitness or are completely oblivious that we are not fit and are losing out on so much life has to offer just because our body cannot match up to the speed of life. Than most of us seek advice where it is available the easiest either through friends and family or through internet, magazines, TV, newspapers, etc. We end up jumping from one fad diet or exercise routine to the other to lose weight, keep our stamina high or combat stress. We are forced to follow what new fad that is doing rounds right now. Before we completely adjust to the chosen health routine a newer more glamorous health fad becomes popular and we have to adjust all over again.


In this constantly changing environment about ways to keep healthy we either become disillusioned or do irreparable damage to our selves. Our bodies can only take so much abuse and are prone to breakdown due to over burdening of nonsense.  Today’s concept of health, food, exercise is all centered around being thin and looking good in the current fashion trend, rather than being really healthy. And worse, we do not even consider the mind to be an important part of our journey to health and well being.


Health, as per the Swasthya concept, is the harmonious functioning of the mind in a stable body. We believe in the Ayurvedic view that health has to be a state of harmony at all the three levels of existence Body, Mind and Soul. If we consider only physical well being as the destination for being healthy we are way off target. The body is a mirror of the well being of the mind. The physical health is an apparent result of the emotional solace that the person is experiencing.

So if you have put on weight, just a fat loss program that will cause momentary loss of weight or if you want to be healthy, just asking you to hit the gym five days a week or asking you to count calories during every morsel of food, is not our idea of health.


Everybody is different and an unique creation of the Universe. So each person has to understand the functioning of his/her body to be able to create true and lasting health. Health plans cannot be one size fits all.

Ayurveda believes that there are three types of body and mind constitutions.

Body Constitution-

1) Vata- slim, tall and full of enthusiasm

2) Pitta- tall, muscular and athletic

3) Kapha- short, chubby and relaxed

Mind Constitution-

1) Sattvic- creative, intellectual

2) Rajasic- aggressive, forceful

3) Tamasic- introvert, shy

Which combination are you has to be deduced, by experts, to be able to choose which diet, supplement and exercise routine is right for you to achieve your dream fitness goal and state of health.

Our journey towards perfect health plan starts with the first step, health assessment through personalized consultation. We have divided the types of health plans depending on the support and input required for your case. We will seek basic information from you and it wii be discussed in the first consultation between you and the expert, who will go through your information and advise a plan that suits you best. Each session is held directly with Dr. Purushottam or with a Vishwa health expert trained with him. Through counselling and interaction your personalized health plan is drawn and we remain with you for the period to finger hold you on the path towards health and well being.


You get your health plan by visiting our center in Shivpuri or remotely through telephonic/Skype sessions.


What a health plan includes-

  1. Complete Body-Mind consultation
  2. Constitution/Body type assessment
  3. Personalized Swasthya Diet Analysis
  4. Personalized Swasthya Exercise Routine
  5. Personalized  Swasthya Meditation techniques
  6. Supplements and Health Aids advice

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