Food Scraps That You Should Not Scrap!


With so much food getting wasted every minute across the globe, whatever little that we can do to prevent it at individual level will be a big step forward.  Check out the following and see if you can reuse the food scraps to reduce food waste in your kitchen after reading this post.

Old Lemon Peels: Infuse liquor using lemon peels. Use the scrap to make lemon brandy, lemon Vodka; you can use your favourite liquor like rum, tequila, or any other that you like. These can be used for adding flavour to your baking and cooking. If you throw a few citrus peels or lemon, oranges etc into the garbage disposer it will neutralize the stink. A few used lemon peels inside your fridge will keep it from smelling foul.

Cut lemon peel’s thin yellow outer layer. Don’t use the thick part, the 2nd layer, as it tastes bitter and will spoil the taste. In another bottle or vessel pour your chosen liquor. Drop cut lemon pieces in it. Put on the lid and let it steep for 3-4 weeks. Use the liquor as you like.

Apple Peels: Make for excellent cleaners for your aluminium cooking utensils. Potato Peels help to get rid of warts.

Cucumber peels: Make for organic, natural pesticide. If your insect and pest problem is mild, you can easily manage it with cucumber peels, more so if your cucumber is bitter.

Placing cucumber peels or slices at various entry points, if possible in soil where it can decompose will keep ants away. To keep moths at bay place thin slices on window sills, in cabinets and under beds and remember to replace them every few days. If you’re having mite problem at home, place cucumber peels or slices at spots where they seem to be appearing. Cucumbers are very effective option to ward off silverfish. Plant a few bitter slices or peels in problem prone spots and replace often.

Sides of bread: if your kids like their sandwiches with hard sides cut, save these in refrigerator and make crumbs to use as coating for cutlets etc.

Used coffee beans work as excellent deodorants for cutting boards, your hands after peeling garlic or onion etc. Rub and rinse, works like magic!

First Make Broth, Then Manure with These Leftovers: Kale stalks, broccoli stems, celery tops, spring onion and garlic skins, carrot peels, can add an interesting twang to your vegetable broth. Go on saving them in a freezer-safe container until you’ve gathered enough of them to make broth with. When it’s done, strain out the solids and take one step further by turning them into manure by throwing them into your compost bin.

Use Citrus Peel to save Brown Sugar from Hardening: A citrus peel dropped in brown sugar packet helps it to stay in sugar texture for longer. Those of us who use it know how it hardens while we try to save it for a longer period of time. Just make sure that you put the container in refrigerator as citrus peel outside for long duration will rot the whole thing.