A Healthy Diet For Working Women


The modern woman has her hands full. Her calender is packed back-to-back. Home, family, career,social commitments. In keeping up with all this, she forgets to look after herself. Follows an erratic diet routine. The result, fatigue. If it continues, if can give rise to many kinds of health problems. Some may be cured by changing lifestyle, but some damage that may have been caused due to wrong lifestyle may not be reversible.

It’s difficult for working women to visit a dietitian, make a diet chart and stick to it. So it’s always a challenge to decide what to eat and and how to eat right. This post offers an answer to all such women. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, I have would like you to read just ONE paragraph which I have packed with healthy foods and food habits as advised by Ayurveda. Note it down mentally, and follow it to feel fit and energized.

A perfect diet routine should always start with a healthy breakfast, don’t eat just fruits or fruits juices in the morning. Juice help in digestion so afternoon is a better time for it; eat 2 tsp of pure cow’s ghee every day; keep nuts like cashew, almonds, walnuts in your purse and have them around the 4 pm tea break; take a light meal like soup/stew in the evening; don’t give in to any kind of fried foods during busy work days as it tends to slow you down; also remember that saying yes to each round of tea and coffee will do you more harm in the long run than you can imagine today. Limit it to twice a day (at the most), preferably with very low amounts of complex sugars.

Remember to eat well, exercise, look within, pray….and NO FRIED FOOD! And if you are a working woman and would like to share your thoughts on eating well, you are welcome to do so!