Foods for having a healthy liver!


Liver plays an important role in our digestion. Everything we drink or eat passes through liver and. Even the medicines we eat go through liver… the organ is size of a football and rests on the right side under lower ribcage. It cleanses blood, oxygenates it; liver creates liquid called bile, which is responsible for breaking down fat from food. Liver also stores glucose, which provides your body with a quick energy boost when needed.

Liver gets damaged because people don’t take care of it at all. However it is not difficult to keep it healthy and functioning well as all it requires is for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

For liver cleansing special processes like detoxification or fasting etc aren’t really required. Sticking to nutrient rich and balanced diet and including food items in your daily routine good for liver will automatically initiate the process of clearing your liver on its own naturally.

Given below is the list of foods that can carry out natural detoxification of your liver and other overworked organs of your body.

Include a lot of beets, sweet potatoes, lemon, broccoli, lentil, apples, leafy greens including green tea in your diet.  Drinking coffee is recommended while cholesterol drugs and painkillers should be minimized with your doctor’s help.

Green tea: Green tea contains antioxidant properties and Catechins. This is a type of plant antioxidant which cuts fat accumulation and improves functioning of liver.  Green tea is also supposed to protect us by fighting against some seriously harmful liver damaging toxins.

Turmeric is gaining immense popularity due to its various health benefitting properties. Research has proved that turmeric protects liver against toxic damage; to the extent that it is also known to help in regeneration of damaged liver cells. As known, turmeric also boosts production of bile and hepatic dusts, helping those with gallbladder related conditions.

Grapes & Nuts Good for Liver:

Nuts are supposed to be rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids and do not contain any sugar.  Walnuts are known to contain l-arginine and glutathione, which help to detoxify liver and oxygenate the blood. Most liver cleansing products available against prescription or OTC at chemists contain walnut hull. It is better to include walnut in the diet instead.

Grape fruit is rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants known for its excellent liver cleansing properties. there is a flavonoid found in grapefruit called naringenin, which contains a compound that doesn’t let the liver store the fat; on the contrary it helps to burn it.

Go For Garlic & Onion: Wide range of toxins that get accumulated on liver can be done away by consuming foods rich in Sulphur. Foods like onions, garlic, yellow portion of eggs (organic) called the yolk are some well known Sulphur rich foods. Compounds found in such food contain molecules that help the liver detoxify itself of a various toxins. In garlic is found compounds called allicin and selenium, which protect the liver against toxic overload.

No Fructose or Alcohol: Fructose is just not good for the liver, neither is alcohol. What happens when you consume fructose is that fructose and alcohol get converted into body fat and get accumulated in liver and other tissues of body. For those who continue to consume them, the situation can lead to what is called non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NADLD) condition. When liver’s performance deteriorates, it adversely affects our metabolism.