Foods That Keep You Young!


For all those who want to look and feel young by now know that whatever the optimistics of the world may claim, the fact is there is no magic pill that can keep us young and fit without working for it. To look and feel youthful and postpone wrinkles arrest your biggest enemies i.e. stress, poor eating habits, pollution, sun exposure and excessive alcohol consumption. Plus try and include the following in your diet.

Avocado: Include it in your staple diet as it’s one of the best anti ageing agent. Full of Vitamin E and anti oxidant properties. It helps to postpone wrinkles in a big way because as it contains beneficial unsaturated fats and beta-carotene in high amount which helps to nourish the skin, your heart and sight.

Kidney Beans: These pulses are filled with fibre and potassium which help reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of any heart disease which is more likely to hit as your age. The top benefit of beans is that they are packed with proteins.

Any chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa are packed with proteins and Vitamin B. Regular small bites into this chocolate will help burn fat and improve your skin and hair.

Broccoli: Broccolis are an awesome source of fibre and Vitamin C which not only help control weight, but also fights heart diseases.

Turmeric: This spice contains antioxidant called Curcumin which is full of anti-ageing and health-promoting properties! Also helps to keep your heart and brain young and healthy, sharpens memory; keeps cancer at bay.

Potassium: Including potassium in your diet means keeping blood pressure at bay. Banana is not the only source, you can also include leafy greens, potatoes with skin, and sweet potatoes; dates, raisins, citrus fruits, tomatoes, etc also contain high levels of the nutrient.

Watermelon: Premature ageing and diseases are caused due to free radicals which damage cells throughout the body. Watermelon contains high levels of powerful antioxidant with strong anti-ageing properties. The fruit also is good for the heart; plus it’s rich in vitamins A and C, both essential antioxidants that help your skin stay healthy and youthful, protecting you from age-related illnesses.