Are we getting stressed?


What you’re about to read is a one-sided post. I am going to write a list of questions that we all should ask ourselves, then based on the answers, should evaluate ourselves and finally decide the course of action. Questions are all you have…….here we go!

If your temperament makes you feel confident; you don’t allow everyday irritations to affect your life; take charge when personal crises strikes; feel, things are pretty much going your way; you cope well with things you can’t change or control …. if this describes you (even if 50% of it applies to you) you aren’t doing badly at all… where entire  nations are under stress, you’re doing good in the game!

BUT… BUT…. BUT …if in the past 30 days you’ve more often than not found yourself worrying over events that cropped up unexpectedly; you were angered that events taking place were beyond your control; if you found yourself unable to take control of situations affecting important areas of your life; have experienced a feeling of being stressed and nervous; and sometimes even found it difficult to overcome difficulties that seemed to surround you.

You know what I’m coming to. Well, to change your life and free yourself of depression, anxiety and stress learn to recognise and enjoy mindfulness in your daily life! Adapt to mind-body approach to  look at your everyday experiences from a different perspective. Take your time. If one day at a time sounds too big a furlong, start with a small step. If you can’t do it yourself,  do it under supervision and guidance…. but do something to deal with stress. And it’s YOU who has to decide.  It has to come from within that you are ready to change yourself… then you will arrive….!

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