Go On A Sugar De Tox!

Mushrooms with ingredients on a black background

Sugar Detox is the process of removing sugar from diet and thus saving yourself from many health issues that may crop up because of excess sugar intake. It is not as easy to do away with sugar as it sounds or is made to sound. Sugar Detox requires mental readiness as much as it requires you to be physically ready.

Make up your mind that you WANT TO DETOX: Unless you want to do it, nobody can make you do it.  So make sure that you are in it and are serious about quitting sugar. The rest will come easier.

Next is, be convinced that the best and only way to deal with physiological addiction is to put a brake on it at once. You can’t take one step at a time, reduce little by little etc.  Whatever the addiction be, you have to give it up at once, in one go. If you are able to do it neurotransmitters and hormones in your body will get reset on its own at once. But if you allow it to linger, you will never quit.

Set a routine for 2 weeks. During this time do not entertain any sugary item or those having sugar content in it. If you can program your mind to not think about the fact that you are going without sugar, it will be a smooth sail. Whether it is through eating or drinking, no sugar should find its way unto you. Sugar in liquids is more harmful than sugar intake through eating.

Focus on proteins, Include Fat Too: and pack your meals now with proteins instead. If you focus well on breakfast and include good amount of protein in it as it will balance blood sugar and insulin cutting cravings. You can go for seeds, nuts, pulses, sprouts etc. As you have protein, include fats in every meal. Snack nuts and seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocados etc. This fat intake tip will help because fat makes you feel full, fuels your cells, and balances sugar in your blood.

Carbohydrate Intake Unlimited: During this period keep no restrictions on carbs intake. Non starchy veggies are full of carbohydrates, so eat veggies as much as you like without restrictions; broccoli and family; i.e. cauliflower, kale, collards, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, fennel, eggplant, artichokes, peppers, and so on. It’s best to avoid beetroot, potato, swet potatoes etc. If you want to use this phase to lose weight also, then avoid beans and grains too along with potatoes. You’ll lose weight faster.

When you are on Sugar diet, in order to avoid any kind of health related emergency make it a point to carry a protein rich food to snack. Like Artisana nut butters, coconut butter, almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, Unsweetened wild blueberries etc.

When you are under stress heightened level of hormones make your Cortisol to go up which in turn makes you hungry. If allowed to continue, this phenomenon leads to type 2 diabetes in the long run. When you feel stressed, instead of reaching out for wrong food, take deep breathing break. Breathing deep activates a typical nerve which brings a shift in your metabolism. You can practive deep breathing breaks or 5 minutes or less pre- meal on all days to eat balanced meal and make the most of what you eat count.

Say NO to Gluten & Dairy Products: Gluten and dairy products in your diet imbalance your sugar & insulin resistance capacity. It is not easy to quit them but once you have made up your mind, things should come easier.  If you are successful it will fill you up with a fresh energy and add many healthy years to your life. Eventually you’d also realise that craving for food has also  reduced.

Get Good Sleep: If you don’t sleep well, your carb cravings shoot up. This affects your appetite and hunger hormones. 8 hours of sleep is what is recommended and will keep your systems functioning properly.

You want more energy if you don’t sleep, so you go toward quickly absorbed sugars. Sleep is the best way to fight against the drive to overeat. You literally can sleep your cravings and your weight away.