Golden Rules for a Good Life

Three quarter shot of a young man doing yoga outdoors

Learn to Enjoy Newness: New is everywhere; always waiting to be explored and found. Be it the new meaning in life, or words, new bonds, to new places!  One of the fundamental rules of life should be to be a seeker. Learn to seek pleasure in the new, in discovering the unknown. The day you stop doing it, you stop leading a meaningful and happy life.

Worry Only About What You Can Change:  Don’t worry for the sake of it or out of habit that most people do and make a mess of themselves. Worry only about those things that you can alter. Worry only if you can change the situation with someone’s help or yourself.  Otherwise there is no use. You are wasting your time and also losing health.

Build Bonds: Make friends, nurture relationships, form new bonds. These emotional connects need nurturing and you can’t get them off the shelf; one of those things that money can’t buy and yet it is centre of your survival as a social being. Invest your emotions with right people. All of us crave bonding and attachment but also fear it the most as if it falls apart of doesn’t work as expected it can hurt and mess up our life. Learn to trust & reciprocate trust.

Don’t be Hollow: Hollow artificial life leads to stress. To lead a hollow life is a sign of immense stress. Instead, simplify your life. Don’t be a victim of all things superficial; don’t feel pressured to lead a life that you don’t feel comfortable with.  Define your pleasures in solid words and go after them.

Be Truthful to Yourself: Don’t deceive yourself, don’t get into a make believe situation to experience momentary happiness, don’t reject, hide, or overlook struggle or internal conflicts you may be experiencing,; deal with it. In short, face life head on; feel what you feel, accept yourself as you are to yourself. Such an approach liberates and creates space for positive growth. Artificial and transient pleasures are momentary and will come and go. Solid groundings will keep you composed and comfortable in life and show a clear path and solid purpose.

Steer Clear of Excess: Balanced and harmonised life has no scope or space for excess. The best of material gains and life experiences that are beyond moderation lead to suffering and destruction.

Be responsible & Accountable For Your Action: Take accountability in life. Understand consequences of your action and be ready to accept responsibility for any action performed by you.

Remember Money is Money.  Money  isn’t Health: To earn, spend and save money is very important for all of us but we should also understand that money can’t buy or bring you peace, true happiness and good health. These are the things you will still need to work on. Understand that everyone one irrespective of financial status has equal right and all natural resources at one’s disposal to lead a healthy life.

Be kind, and Wish well for others: Being positive triggers happy and positive reactions from others which become vibrations and affect our wellbeing. In order to produce positive reactions from our fellow beings, we should spread positivity, and kindness.