Good Food Tips for Babies No New Mum Should Ignore


This post is for mums feeling overwhelmed due to information overflow (suggestions pouring from friends, visitors, grandmother, in-laws, and internet) about what foods to give to your baby. Here is some Ayurveda based handy, practical and easy to remember information-

Breastfeeding your infant until s/he is six months old is necessary. Many leading healthcare professionals are now supporting this concept. After this you can put him/her on semi solid-soft food like soups, juices or mashed boiled fruits/veggies etc.

Avoid feeding the child foods with preservatives, especially in the night. Instead home cooked foods like rice or dal kanji make for a great meal. It is light to digest and does not cause gases which irritates the child and keeps them awake at night.

Baby’s drinking water should be boiled for 20 – 25 minutes. Make it a habit to give lukewarm water to the baby, instead of plain room temperature water as lukewarm water reduces colic due to gases.

Always wash fruits with warm water before giving it to the baby to reduce the health risks arising from residue of pesticides on them.