Gratitude Plays a Role in Making You Healthy


Most of us are waking up to the mind-body connection now. The concept has evolved and come a long way. Research has been taking place across the world. Until a few years back scientists and researchers were still fighting the battle to prove that our thoughts affected our bodies. Once that got proven the next stage challenge was whether toxic mental patterns and layers harm us or not. With many things to show for it that it did, emerged the new phase where new age scientists are focusing on nurturing positive psychology and how gratitude can impact and alter our psychology positively leading to good health and wholesome life.

Based on research conducted by scientist it has been reported that people who adopt gratitude-attitude have fewer health complaints and are seen spending more productive time that those who don’t adopt it. Nursing sense of gratitude has also brought down levels of illness & stress amongst people.

Let’s be convinced first that love and empathy create a biochemical shift in the body. Gratitude is a mental activity, one of those non-physical activities that have the power to change the physical activity of our brains. Our brain responds to positive input that results in good health for every cell in our body. Science has proved this. We will find ways in which we can adopt this attitude and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives in this post.

We should accept and understand that life is a mixed bag of challenges and success, difficulties and rewards. It will help us to have a better perspective of life and ourselves as part of it. We should learn to count our blessings and be grateful for the good we have in our lives.  We should learn to accept and express gratitude to those who have had a role to play to make our life better, be it in the smallest possible ways. This will give a new dimension to our behaviour.  Chances are that it may open many wonderful doors to and newer avenues in life.

We should make a list of things we are grateful for. There are some momentary phases that relieve us of an anxiety or stress that we encounter in passing like an averted accident or results of some blood tests which show all clear results; or finding a misplaced gold or diamond jewellery. Then there are instances where gratitude lasts longer, sometimes a lifetime, e. g. a good life partner, solid family support system, financial security, good education due to good parental guidance, etc. If you start counting you will find many things to be grateful for. Don’t go by the book. Be thankful for all of them because they are worth it and have made a positive difference in your life. Feel it from the heart.

Now the second stage is to let people know who have made life better for you. A friend who helped, a relative, a doctor, a tutor, a guide, mentor, whoever…wherever, whenever. It also happens that sometimes it takes us a long time to realise the good that someone has done for us. Whenever we realise it, even if the act looked unkind at that stage but now you’re better off due to it, be grateful for it, as it is doing you good in the long run.

It may not always be possible to get in touch with and thank that person for it, but as far as you can and if you bump into him/her show your gratitude. Some people feel insecure or unsure that it will make them vulnerable or people may take advantage of their goodness which is not the right way to look at it. Take your chance and you will see that most of this will help to strengthen your bond with people and send positive vibes and receive the same manifolds. This process will impact your self esteem inside out. In fact some mind-body studies that have been done in the past showed that not having gratitude or not being honest while dealing with people makes you lonely and isolated—the very opposite of bonding that we have just discussed. This leads to poor health. Now that science has proved that being grateful leads to being positive we should reverse our focus and emphasize the positive side of the equation, placing emotional bond over being over cautious and doubtful of others.

When you become comfortable with expressing your gratitude, showing more sympathy, being less judgmental, and showing greater appreciation for life, you are actually setting the stage for years to come which will be full of positivity and life. When gratitude becomes part of your nature, positive vibes and energies will outweigh negative energy. And you are on a path where you are creating a blueprint that will lead to brain changes with benefits that will last a lifetime.

Practicing attitude of gratitude is one of the most doable acts to attain positive body, mind, spirit connection.